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Published: 0843 GMT May 14, 2021

Mumbai man orders mouthwash from Amazon, receives smartphone instead

Mumbai man orders mouthwash from Amazon, receives smartphone instead

In a bizarre incident, a Mumbai-based man placed an online order for mouthwash and ended up receiving a Redmi Note 10 instead. Sharing the incident on microblogging site Twitter, the platform user who goes by the name Lokesh Daga, tagged the e-commerce giant Amazon to narrate the alleged goof-up with his order.

As per the screenshot shared by him, the order consisted of four Colgate Mouthwash bottles which were billed for Rs 396. The order was placed on May 10, reported.

The bewildered customer also shared a photograph of the smartphone Redmi Note 10 that he claimed he had received in the box in place of the mouthwash that he actually wanted from Amazon.

However on opening the package I can see that the packaging label was mine but the invoice was of somebody else's. I have emailed you as well to get the product delivered to the right person.

The Twitter user, trying to make sense of the apparent mix-up, added that upon unboxing the package, he found an invoice that was addressed to a different person located in Telangana.

Meanwhile, this (obviously) isn’t the first and last instance of customers receiving something on their doorstep that they hadn’t asked for.

Earlier in March, A woman named Liu in China reportedly received a bottle of apple-flavored yogurt drink inside the box of an iPhone 12 Pro Max which she had ordered online. Liu had paid $1,500 for the new iPhone and had been waiting for its delivery when she received the package and was shocked to find the drink instead of the phone.

While such incidents are common when ordering things from third-party sellers like eBay or even Amazon, the woman claimed she placed the order directly from Apple’s official website.

Liu went on to upload a video of the incident on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

Since then, both Apple and Express Mail Service, the courier service company responsible for delivering the order, had stated that they were investigating the matter.

According to reports, the woman did not have the package delivered directly to her but instead had it delivered to a storage unit.

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