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Dishes in Tehran: The festival of taste and color

Dishes in Tehran: The festival of taste and color

Foods are generally considered cultural expressions. By taking different cultural assumptions in, foods are shaped and identified throughout history. To state the matter differently, we get familiar with a nation, eating the food of its culture. Tehran foods are presenting an amalgam of different cultures in Iran. From north to south, and east to west, you may find all the dietary diversities in Tehran. While Iranian foods are known as truly delicious dishes liked by almost everyone, Tehran is considered a feast of flavors, colors, and scents. Stay tuned for knowing more about Tehran’s best foods, wrote.

You may find numerous restaurants serving various Iranian local foods in Tehran. Apart from domestic restaurants, a large number of international eateries are accessible, which serve Italian, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Meditation, and Mexican dishes as well. You may also find sushi in Tehran easily.

Eating out is a favorable hobby for Iranians; therefore, Tehran fast food is highly popular among people, specifically youngsters due to its lower price. Street foods are considered as a great portion of eateries, which generally include Tehran cheap food, more suitable for the young generations and students.


From chelo kabab to doogh-e Abali


Not an easy task to pinpoint just one food as Tehran’s best food. All the dishes are bestowing unique, unforgettable tastes on you. Your gustatory memory of Tehran foods will be reflecting as a rainbow of flavors.

You may have heard that kabab (a Persian spelling for kebab) is Tehran’s best food. Being well-known as an original Iranian food, kabab is a type of meat, beef, lamb, or even chicken and fish (skewered, marinated, and chopped) grilled over hot charcoal, normally served with chelo (steamed Iranian rice topped with saffron rice), grilled tomato and capsicum. Different kinds of kabab, (depended on the meat type) are kabab barg, kabab koobideh, kabab chenjeh or shishlik, kabab torsh, soltani, vaziri kabab (combination of chicken leg and skewer of ground beef), Bakhtiari, joojeh kabab (a classic chicken kabab), and mahi (fish) kabab.


Albaloo polo

There are some amazing and tasty foods in Tehran, more delicious than Tehran famous food, chelo kabab! These are also daily foods people cook at home. Qormeh-sabzi (Persian herbs stew), qeymeh stew (meat, tomato paste, split peas, served with French fries), fesenjan stew (meat or chicken, cooked in pomegranate paste and walnut), albaloo polo (Iranian dish of rice and sour cherries), and aash-e reshteh (Persian noodle broth with herbs, grains and dried whey), abgoosht (meat and chickpeas, cooked in stoneware crocks), tahchin (rice cooked in saffron, egg yolk and yoghurt, layered with chicken or lamb) are among Tehran’s best foods.


Chelo kabab


Many foods you find in Tehran are even more delicious than the popular chelo kabab. Being soft, colorful, fragrant and toothsome, they will satisfy all your senses.

Pizza, in addition to different types of burgers and Kentucky, is among the foods served in the capital. They are served by Tehran food delivery as well. For the record, Tehran online food delivery provides the customers with any type of food in the capital.


Street foods


Streets are good options to find Tehran foods, where people are hastily commuting or just strolling and they need to eat. Many booths are serving various types of Tehran foods from kabab to aash-e reshteh and even fast foods. The most popular foodie destinations, where you can find Tehran street foods are 30 Tir Street and Tehran Grand Bazaar. Being regarded as a public walk, 30 Tir Street is an old pavement where you may find many booths serving different types of Tehran foods and beverages. The street deserves a visit.


A friendly, easy way to eat


Being served free and easy, Tehran street foods do not cost much. You can have tasty meals such as aash-e reshteh, kababs, del-o-jegar (lamb liver kabab), Iranian sandwiches like koo-koo, and even not necessarily Tehran foods such as sambooseh (samosa), falafel, egg and potato morsels (Tabriz food) at a lower price. Fast foods like pizzas, burgers, French fries, ham and sausages, sandwiches and nuggets are also sold on streets. You may also find many homemade foods among Tehran street foods, specifically in the Grand Bazaar of the city, where you can find various Tehran cheap foods, being sold for the shopkeepers and their customers.



Tehran street foods also include corns, grilled over hot charcoal (balal), and cooked broad beans served with vinegar and heracleum persicum (baqali-pokhteh), cooked beetroot (laboo), and doughnuts.

Stroller cafes serving foods in Tehran have been so popular recently as well. Usually founded by young boys and girls, Tehran Van Cafes are serving hot and cold beverages with cakes, doughnuts, snacks, and sandwiches.




You can find a favorite drink in Tehran. Hot black tea has been always the most popular one; you can find it almost everywhere, even on newsstands, served with sugar cubes, dates, or saffron sugar crystals on a stick. Different types of cold juices, fruit cocktails, non-alcoholic malt beverages, flavored with fruits, colas, sodas, different types of coffees and teas, and doogh-e Abali are among the most common Tehran beverages you can find on the streets as well.



A view of 30 Tir Street


Most of the traditional foods in Tehran are normally served with doogh. Doogh (well-known as doogh-e Abali) is a Persian refreshing and tasty yoghurt-based drink, mixed with salt and seasoned with some aromatic herbs, found in all Tehran eateries.

As you may find, Tehran foods and beverages with a range of varieties are among the most popular attractions for locals and tourists. So, while being in Tehran, don’t hesitate to follow your nose and look for your everlasting gustatory memories!


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