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Published: 0738 GMT May 28, 2021

English schoolgirl named Child of Courage for saving mom's life

English schoolgirl named Child of Courage for saving mom's life

A quick-thinking schoolgirl who saved her mom's life in England has been named a Child of Courage in a prestigious award ceremony.

Mia Hignett showed calm and courage way beyond her years when mom Helen suffered a terrifying seizure and stopped breathing, reported.

The eight-year-old called 999 and with guidance from an operator cleared her mom’s airway and placed her in the recovery position, saving her life.

Once she was breathing, she looked after her one-year-old sister Ava until paramedics arrived.

The modest Middlewich Primary School pupil said she “only did what anyone else wanting to save their mommy would do”.

Retired police officer Helen, 38, was left registered disabled after being beaten up on duty 10 years ago and suffers hemiplegic migraines and hemicrania headache disorder.

Helen said her daughter told her afterwards that she had remembered a conversation they had shared months earlier, when Mia was asking her mom about her time as a police officer.

“I told her that you always had to stay calm and not panic in an emergency, because when you are calm you can make clear decisions," said Helen. "After I came out of hospital we were talking and she broke down crying and told me “I remembered what you told me, to stay calm so I would make the right decision’. That made me so proud.”

Mia, now nine, received her Pride of Manchester Awards trophy in a special surprise in the famous Blue Peter garden with the show’s presenters Mwaksy Mudenda and Richie Driss.

She thought she was being interviewed about getting her gold Blue Peter badge, an award for Blue Peter viewers given by the BBC children's television program for those appearing on the show,  but in fact the pair had hidden the trophy in the undergrowth.

Helen added: “They said to her, ‘Oh what’s that down there?’ and she picked it up and read out ‘Mia Hignett’ and said, ‘Oh that’s my name.’

“She was over the moon but she did ask me afterwards, ‘wouldn't everyone do that for their mommy?” She saved my life. I cannot thank her enough.”

Helen said: "I am the most proud mommy you could ever imagine because without my daughter's actions on that day I may not be here to tell you just how wonderful Mia is.

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