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Published: 0246 GMT June 08, 2021

Some people attacking government to prove themselves: Spokesman

Some people attacking government to prove themselves: Spokesman

The Iranian government’s spokesman Ali Rabiei addresses a press conference in Tehran on June 8, 2021.

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The Iranian government’s spokesman said some people have apparently nothing to resort to for proving themselves but to ruin the image of the government and negate its achievements.

In an address to a press conference on Tuesday, Ali Rabiei added that this comes as the government has made considerable efforts over the past years, standing by the people, IRNA reported.

He noted that these days, some people are strangely and surprisingly turning a blind eye to these facts.

Rabiei made the remarks in reaction to baseless charges leveled against the executive branch, particularly, in the first debate among the candidates of the country’s 2021 presidential election, which was broadcast live on national TV on Saturday.

He added political conversations among some people imply that the government’s achievements amid the enemy-imposed economic war and the COVID-19 pandemic have been strangely consigned to oblivion.

Previously, forces against the Islamic Republic in a well-calculated plan would question the government’s achievements, Rabiei said, regretting that some political circles inside the country turned a blind eye to terrorist issues.

Distorting the accomplishments of the incumbent administration is not just ignoring the government’s efforts, but also refraining from acknowledging people’s massive resistance.

Commenting on the June 18 election, he said, “We are on the threshold of one of the country’s most important political events.”

With election day approaching, the competition among the candidates has heated up, the spokesman added.

He stressed that despite differences in attitude, “we must come to a general understanding and know that a maximum voter turnout is necessary for the country’s success in today’s tumultuous and cruel world” and guarantees a future associated with progress and hope for the country.

Rabiei added if a government comes to power having failed to attract a maximum turnout, it would face problems in resolving the country’s complicated domestic and foreign issues as it lacks the society’s support and participation.

He emphasized that, thus, a maximum turnout in the election is crucial for all Iranians under the present circumstances.

Earlier, the Iranian government asked to be provided with an appropriate opportunity as soon as possible to answer the “baseless” charges leveled against the executive branch in the first debate among the presidential candidates.

The request was made by the government’s representatives in the Council for Supervision over the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) in a letter to the head of the national broadcaster, Abdolali Aliasgari.

“Unfortunately, during the first election debate among the presidential candidates, some of them made charges against the state-run organizations and President Hassan Rouhani, which must be answered in an effort to defend each and every legal and natural person whose name was mentioned in the debate,” read the letter.

Prior to that, Rabiei also sent a letter to Aliasgari, stressing that so far, the government has not been given the chance to defend itself against the unsubstantiated accusations.

He called for an opportunity, as required by law, for the incumbent administration to answer the charges.

In addition, the Iranian president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi asked Interior Minister Aboldreza Rahmani Fazli to allocate an appropriate amount of time to the government at the beginning of the second live debate, to be held on Tuesday, for answering the charges leveled by some of the candidates.






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