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Published: 0133 GMT June 11, 2021

Iran slams IAEA 'counterproductive' report

Iran slams IAEA 'counterproductive' report

Iran on Thursday criticized the UN nuclear agency for having taken "a counterproductive approach" after its head said Tehran had not clarified queries over possible undeclared nuclear activity.

Iranian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency Kazem Gharibabadi told the IAEA's Board of Governors' meeting that the watchdog’s latest report is "not credible", calling it "deeply disappointing", AFP reported.

The IAEA said in the report to its members said that Iran had not clarified the queries.

Iran insists it is cooperating with the IAEA as it has sought clarity on alleged nuclear activity that may have taken place, mostly in the early 2000s.

"The secretariat has taken a counterproductive approach at the expense of its own credibility," Gharibabadi said, warning this "could turn into an obstacle for future goodwill interactions between the two sides".

He noted that the IAEA should not act in a way to seem that it is directly or indirectly supporting the political agenda of certain parties against others, Press TV wrote.

“The agency should not act in a way that it would be directly or indirectly supporting the political agenda of certain parties against others. Undoubtedly, this method of biased treatment of member states not only harms the nonproliferation regime, but also reduces trust in the agency’s professional activities and lowers cooperation between the agency and its member states.”

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi told reporters on Monday that it was "becoming increasingly difficult" to extend a temporary inspections arrangement with Iran.

In February, Tehran suspended some IAEA inspections, leading to the agency to negotiate continued though reduced access.

The latest understanding runs out on June 24.

Gharibabadi further advised the IAEA to refrain from pursuing any political agenda, and instead take a transparent stance on Israel’s "unacceptable" failure to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its continued refusal to place all of its nuclear activities and facilities under the IAEA comprehensive safeguards agreements.

This is a “bitter historical joke,” Iran's ambassador said while pointing to negligence on the part of the IAEA toward the Israeli regime’s nuclear weapons program in the volatile Middle East region.

“Regrettably, this regime (Israel) ignores the international community by downplaying the importance of the [NPT], refusing to accept it, and ... placing all of its nuclear facilities and activities under the agency’s Comprehensive Safeguards regime,” Gharibabadi lamented.

According to the Iranian ambassador, such circumstances have emboldened Israel to deride the IAEA’s mandate and mission to prevent the diversion of the regime’s nuclear materials and activities.

Most importantly, Israel has been so brazen that it distorts the facts and criticizes some members of the NPT, he said, adding that this is a very serious failure on the part of the agency, which needs to be properly addressed. 


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