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Published: 0246 GMT June 18, 2021

Biden, Putin agree to disagree in Geneva

Biden, Putin agree to disagree in Geneva

U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin ended their bilateral summit early on Wednesday with nothing left to say and not much to show for it. Although the post-summit press conference saw Biden deliver a Trump-style rebuke of a CNN reporter, the meeting largely avoided the mixed messages sent during the 2018 Helsinki summit.

Speaking separately to the press after the meeting, both leaders struck a tone of mutual respect. “If you ask me what sort of a partner . . . Biden is, I’d say he is very constructive,” Putin said. “He’s very balanced — just the way that I expected,” he added. Biden, meanwhile, spoke of two “powerful and proud countries” coming together, American magazine Foreign Policy wrote on Thursday.

Although there were few concrete outcomes, the two sides have agreed to begin a dialogue on “strategic stability” or, as Biden put it, to “get our military experts and our diplomats together to work in a mechanism that can lead to control of new and dangerous and sophisticated weapons that are coming on the scene now that reduce the times of response that raised the prospects of accidental war.”

Biden also presented Putin with a 16-point list of areas considered off limits for cyberattacks. The list (likely the 16 critical infrastructure sectors noted by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) includes energy, food, and water systems — and also the U.S. defense industry. If such targets were subject to a Russian hack, Biden warned of retaliation. “I pointed out to him we have significant cyber capability, and he knows it,” Biden said.





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