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Published: 0137 GMT July 16, 2021

Iran’s envoy: Countering world drug problem requires shared responsibility

Iran’s envoy: Countering world drug problem requires shared responsibility

Iran’s permanent representative to Vienna-based international organizations underlined that Tehran bears the brunt of fighting narcotics trafficking without much help from the rest of the world, saying that confronting the world’s drug problem requires shared responsibility by all countries.

Yesterday, 3 police officers were martyred in Iran in a clash with drug traffickers,” Kazem Gharibabadi tweeted on Thursday, a day after they were killed and two others were injured in a clash with drug traffickers in Kahnuj County in southeastern Kerman Province, according to Press TV.

In the absence of [such] dedicated effort, the Europeans have to go after every gram of narcotics on their streets. Countering world drug problem requires shared responsibility by all,” Gharibabadi underlined.

Iran, sitting on a major drug trafficking route between Afghanistan on the one side and Europe and the Persian Gulf Arab states on the other, has been a pioneer in fighting the crime despite losing thousands of its security forces in clashes with traffickers and suffering heavy costs for battling the illegal trade of narcotics.

Last month, Tehran announced that narcotics seizure at Iranian border crossings and airport gateways had increased by 523 percent in the quarter to May 21 year-on-year.

Irans Embassy in Austria, in marking the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which falls on June 26, strongly criticized Western countries, as the main destination of narcotics seized by Iran, for their little support for the costly fight.

Iran is at the forefront of the fight against illicit drug trafficking, which mainly enters Europe, while Iran receives little support for this costly fight,” the Iranian mission said in a tweet.

During a speech on the occasion, Gharibabadi said Western countries are not serious enough in confronting drug trafficking despite being the main destinations for the narcotics passing through Iran.

Back in March, the Iranian envoy said the unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran by Western countries, especially the US, are hampering the Islamic Republics fight against drug trafficking.

The imposition of unilateral sanctions, according to Gharibabadi, has proved an obstacle to Irans fight against narcotics and the countrys efforts to boost its capabilities and its anti-narcotics campaign.

Iranian officials have time and again censured Western states over their antagonistic policies toward the Islamic Republic, whereas the country protects them by halting the flow of narcotics into their territories.

In remarks in November 2020, Irans then-Judiciary chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said the United Nations hypocritically praises Irans performance and sincerity in fighting narcotics while at the same time issuing anti-Iran resolutions.

Raeisi also pointed out that if Iran holds back, all Europe and America will be swallowed up by narcotics”.

Our youth stand up to drug trafficking and drug rings by their self-sacrifice and we are the victims of this problem. Indeed, it is a strange phenomenon that they pass resolutions against us instead of being thankful,” he said.




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