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Published: 0642 GMT July 20, 2021

Iran's position on JCPOA is decided by high-raking bodies: Govt. spokesman

Iran's position on JCPOA is decided by high-raking bodies: Govt. spokesman

Iran's principled stances on the 2015 nuclear deal have always been made based on instructions set by high-ranking entities in Tehran, said the spokesman of the incumbent government on Tuesday.

Speaking at his weekly briefing, Ali Rabiei added that the administration of President Hassan Rouhani has advanced the main part of negotiations in Vienna, Austria, and that preliminary understandings have been made on the issue of lifting sanctions by the United States, IRNA reported.

However, Rabiei added, a committee at Iran's Supreme National Security Council found the understandings in contradiction to a law approved by the parliament in December 2020, called the Strategic Action Plan to Counter Sanctions.

So, the Vienna talks have been postponed to the time when the upcoming administration of president-elect Ebrahim Raisi takes power within a few weeks, Rabiei noted.

The Vienna talks began in early April with the aim of reviving the JCPOA by bringing all original parties, especially the US, back into compliance with the deal, three years after Washington withdrew from the accord and tried to sabotage it.

So far, six rounds of negotiations have been held in the Austrian capital, as a result of which, according to participants, “significant progress” has been made in the course of the “constructive” and “businesslike” talks.

However, disagreements have persisted over a number of issues, including how to sequence the US sanctions removal, with Tehran arguing that since Washington was the party that violated the terms of the agreement, it should take the first step back into compliance with the deal by removing its unilateral sanctions.

Tehran has also asked for guarantees that the US won’t again leave the JCPOA under a new administration. This comes as, the administration of US President Joe Biden says it cannot give such guarantees.

Iran is also dissatisfied with the scope of sanctions that the US is willing to remove, saying the US sanctions removal must cover all the sanctions that were lifted after the JCPOA went into force in January 2016, but were reimposed after Washington’s withdrawal.

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