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Published: 1030 GMT July 25, 2021

Bolour Bathhouse, a historical tourist attractions of Qazvin

Bolour Bathhouse, a historical tourist attractions of Qazvin

Bolour Bathhouse is one of the historical tourist attractions in the city of Qazvin, northwestern province of Qazvin, which has been built in different periods. Therefore, you can see different architecture styles in it.

The bathhouse is located in the old texture of the city next to most of its other tourist attractions. Today, the bathhouse holds Stone Museum of Qazvin. Thus, you not only can visit the bath for its architecture and history but also can see a collection of stones inside it, reported.


Brief history


There is no exact date for building this bathhouse. However, it dates back to the Safavid Era and completed in the Qajar Era. The name of the designer or builder of this bathhouse is not mentioned in any document. Therefore, there is no information about its creator too.

Bolour Bathhouse was built in an area of 1,200 square meters. The main architecture and the paintings on the walls of the clothing room indicate that the bathhouse dates back to the Safavid Era. In fact, the bathhouse was built during the Safavid Era and some paintings have added to it later, during a renovation in the Qajar Era.

The bathhouse was in use until the 90s. Before that, it wasn’t common for all the houses to have a private bath. But it was in the 90s when almost all the houses were equipped with a private bath and there was no need for most of the people to go out to public bathhouses. That’s when most of the public and traditional bathhouses in Iran closed or became abandoned. Bolour Bathhouse of Qazvin soon renovated and turned into a museum. It was also registered on Iran’s National Heritage List.


Places nearby Bolour Bathhouse


Most of the tourist attractions of Qazvin are located next to each other or at least are so close to each other. Most of the times it is possible to visit more than two attractions in one day.

Bolour Bathhouse is so close to Aminiha Husseiniyeh (a congregation hall for Shia Muslim commemoration ceremonies, especially those associated with the mourning of Muharram). The distance between these two attractions is only 600 meters. Thus, it is possible to walk there in less than 10 minutes.

Miran Historic House is another great tourist attraction in Qazvin which is only 10 minutes away from Bolour Bathhouse. The distance between Bolour Bathhouse and Jaame Mosque of Qazvin, which is the oldest and biggest Jaame mosque in Iran, is 1.5km. It is easily reachable by car in five minutes. There are many shops and restaurants at a very close distance to this attraction too.


How to get to Bolour Bathhouse


Bolour Bathhouse is located in Tabriz Street, next to Ahmadiyeh Mosque and Soltan Seyyed Mohammad Shrine. It is accessible from Navvab Safavi Street and Mohammad Montazeri Boulevard. Therefore, if you reach the corner of these two streets, you can easily find Tabriz Street and from there you can walk and get to the bathhouse in five minutes. However, since the city of Qazvin is so close to Tehran, it is always possible to take a one-day tour to Qazvin from Tehran.

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