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Published: 0641 GMT August 01, 2021

Iran: Bahraini court's ‘baseless’ allegations against CBI are ‘politically motivated’

Iran: Bahraini court's ‘baseless’ allegations against CBI are ‘politically motivated’

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly dismissed the allegations made by a Bahraini court against Central Bank of Iran and a number of other Iranian banks, saying those claims have been politically motivated and lack legal value.

Saeed Khatibzadeh made the remarks on Sunday while reacting to the “baseless” accusations leveled against the Central Bank of Iran, Saderat and Melli banks, and their managers by Bahrain’s supreme criminal court.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “The judicial procedure taken by the Bahraini courts against the Central Bank [of Iran] and the Iranian individuals and banks is so flawed that we have no official and reliable source, apart from some media sources, to know about the details of these cases. Therefore, any opinion announced in this regard is based on the media news stories,” reported.

“In all these cases, the Bahraini court is apparently only carrying out the orders and decisions of Bahrain’s political and security organs. On the other hand, these cases are devoid of judicial standards related to due process and the Iranian sides have been deprived of their primary rights while the judicial process has been non-transparent and flawed,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Khatibzadeh said Iran reserves the right to use all national and international means available to it to counter such measures by Bahrain and will not back down in defense of the interests and rights of its citizens.

According to media reports, Bahrain's High Criminal Court has accused the Central Bank of Iran, along with a number of other Iranian banks and their officials, of being involved in "money laundering" activities.

The Bahraini public prosecutor has sentenced the defendants to various terms of imprisonment as well as financial punishment.

Bahrain’s public prosecutor and state-owned news service claimed that the prosecution was “the largest money laundering case in the history of the kingdom.”


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