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Published: 0148 GMT August 03, 2021

North Korea slams Britain for plan to deploy warships in Asia

North Korea slams Britain for plan to deploy warships in Asia

North Korea criticised Britain on Tuesday for a plan to permanently deploy two warships in the Asia-Pacific region this year, calling it a "provocation".

It said news of the plan coincided with the passage of British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and its escort ships through South China Sea, according to Reuters.

A North Korean official criticised comments by Britain's Defence Minister Ben Wallace as claiming that the North and China were trying to isolate Japan and South Korea and threaten freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.

"It is a kind of provocation against us that Britain, which is intensifying the situation by shoving its warships into far-off Asia-Pacific, is citing our 'threat' as an excuse," the official said in a statement on the Foreign Ministry website.

"This will only result in strong resistance from local countries and tension in the already-sensitive regional situation."

A UK aircraft carrier task force left the South China Sea on Monday after a week in the region. The aircraft carrier task force led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier sailed through the Luzon Strait and into the Philippine Sea on Monday, after passing through the Strait of Malacca into the South China Sea on July 27.

Britain has said it has no plans to stage a naval confrontation with China in the South China Sea and that it aims to send its carrier strike group in the most direct route across the body of water from Singapore to the Philippine Sea.

China’s military had earlier warned the UK against provocation in the region.






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