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Published: 0646 GMT August 04, 2021

Iran’s new president: Remaining foreign troops must leave Syria immediately

Iran’s new president:  Remaining foreign troops must leave Syria immediately

Iran’s new President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi stressed the need for immediate withdrawal of the remaining foreign troops from Syria in order to begin reconstruction of the war-torn country.

President Raeisi made the remarks in meeting on Wednesday with the visiting Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Hammouda Youssef Sabbagh who is in Tehran to attend Raeisi’s swearing-in ceremony on Thursday.

According to the Iranian Parliament’s Presiding Board, 115 officials from 73 countries will take part in the inauguration of the new president.

"The Syrian people and government heroically resisted the Hebrew and Western terrorism and have won," Raeisi told the Syrian official during the meeting.

Emphasizing that development of political and economic relations between Tehran and Damascus will benefit the two nations, President Raeisi said that Iran will continue its cooperation with Syria. He further noted no restrictions exist on the way of development of brotherly relations between the two countries.

Regarding the planning for the reconstruction of Syria, the Iranian president stated, "The remnants of foreign forces must be removed from the territory of Syria as soon as possible so that this nation can begin the process of reconstruction vigorously and fast."

Raeisi also commemorated the bravery and self-sacrifice of the martyrs against terrorism in Syria and the region, especially former IRGC Quds Force commander Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani.

Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Hammouda Sabbagh, for his part, said, "The Syrian people and government will never forget the support of the Iranian people, and the memory of Martyr Haj Qassem will be remembered by the Syrian people."

Stating that Iran and Syria share the same future, Sabbagh said, "The blood of the Syrian and Iranian people are mixed together and the bonds between the two nations are inseparable."

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