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Published: 0419 GMT August 05, 2021

Iran warns UNSC, IMO against security & military adventurism in ME

Iran warns UNSC, IMO against security & military adventurism in ME

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Iran's senior diplomat to the United Nations and the country’s ambassador to Britain in separate letters on Wednesday cautioned the heads of the UN Security Council and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) against Israeli regime and other certain countries suspicious moves to destabilize the Middle East region.

Iran’s Deputy Representative to the UN Zahra Ershadi alerted the Security Council against ‘unlawful’ and ‘highly destabilizing’ activities of the Zionist regime of Israel in a ‘volatile region as the Middle East’ in a letter to the President of the UNSC T.S. Tirumurti.

The Iranian diplomat warned that recent suspicious attempts to create artificial maritime “incidents” in the Persian Gulf and broader region “are detrimental to the security and stability of the region and must stop immediately.”

She made the remarks reacting to a letter wrote to UNSC’s president by representatives of Liberia, Romania, and United Kingdom on August 3 in which the authors “resorted to such uncertain terms as “highly likely”, “initial assessments” and “one or more Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” as well as vague terminologies like “international partners”, to arbitrarily accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran of attacking the Mercer Street vessel.”

The US, the UK and Israel blamed Iran for a deadly drone attack on the Israeli-managed oil tanker last Thursday off the coast of Oman.

Tehran denied any involvement in the incident and rejected the accusations as “baseless”.

Additionally on Tuesday, several vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates issued a warning via their Automatic Identification System (AIS) trackers that they were “not under command,” suggesting they had lost control of steering.

“Enjoying long coasts and numerous port facilities in the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea as well as high maritime shipping capacity, the Islamic Republic of Iran is highly interested in, and attaches great importance to, the maritime security and freedom of navigation. In pursuance of this objective and longstanding policy, and fully committed to its relevant international obligations, Iran has also significantly contributed to the promotion of maritime security and freedom of navigation. The deployment – for well over a decade -- of Iran’s naval forces to the Indian Ocean and the adjacent areas in support of international efforts in combatting piracy therein has repeatedly been acknowledged by the United Nations Secretary-General in his relevant reports and commended by the Security Council in its numerous resolutions,” Ershadi said in her letter to the UNSC’s president.

Stressing that Iran “categorically rejected” all “baseless claims” made by the Israeli regime, the Iranian diplomat referred to Israel “…as the main source of instability and insecurity in the Middle East and beyond for more than seven decades.”

Ershadi further recalled “systematic violation of international law by the Israeli regime, including its significant threats to maritime security and freedom of navigation, as well as its long record in conducting complicated false flag operations in the high seas and key international waterways,” and noted that the Security Council “must remain fully vigilant about the security and military adventurism of this regime in such a volatile region as the Middle East, condemn such acts and hold it accountable for all its unlawful and yet highly destabilizing activities.

She further warned the Israeli regime that “it shall bear the consequences of all its possible adventurism and miscalculations. Warning about such threats from any source, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to take all necessary measures to vigorously protect its people, defend its sovereignty and secure its national interests.”


IMO urged to confront destabilizing acts

Iran’s Ambassador to Britain Mohsen Baharvand wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Kitack Lim condemning the false news that accused Iran of making certain moves to harm security of marine traffic in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Urging the international community to cooperate in confronting those destabilizing acts, Baharvand also rejected the entire body of baseless accusations, arguing they are all politically motivated and aimed at destabilizing and harming the peaceful marine traffic.

He further stressed that adventurist moves and “ill-intentions of a certain number of countries, that is mixed with a language of threats and harsh words against the Islamic Republic of Iran, is not only breaching the fundamental principle of refraining from resorting to force based on the Charter of the United Nations, but also puts at stake the security of navigation in the region in the long run.”

The Iranian diplomat also urged every country and player at the international scene “to remain committed to the accepted international laws, including the Convention of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), on security and safety of navigation at international water passages, including in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman and to cooperate in that respect.”



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