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Published: 0828 GMT August 23, 2021
Yazd Province, hub of medical tourism in Iran

Diverse natural, historical potentials of Yazd untapped

Diverse natural, historical potentials of Yazd untapped

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The central province of Yazd is known as the hub of medical tourism in Iran, said a member of the Assembly of Yazd Province’s Representatives in Parliament.

Mohammad Reza Sabaqian told Iran Daily that the province, especially the city of Yazd, enjoys a high capacity in the field of medicine, such that over 30% of patients referring to the province’s medical centers are from other parts of the country.

Referring to the high potential of the province’s medical facilities in the fields of treating infertility, cancer and cardiovascular and orthopedic diseases, he said many patients from far and near regions, especially Kerman, Hormuzgan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces travel to Yazd to seek treatment.

He observed that these days, the tourism industry around the world has been adversely affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 disease, adding that with the reduction of trips and the imposition of restrictions, the tourism industry is not as good as it used to be.

He said that the economic recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic is also evident in Iran’s tourism sector.

“Iranian provinces that are most visited by tourists, including Yazd, where many tourism complexes and accommodation centers have been established in recent years, are badly affected by this crisis,” he said.

The MP said a large number of people living in Yazd Province work in the tourism sector, noting that due to the restrictions imposed to control the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease, many tourism centers of the province are closed, or semi-closed, and their activities have decreased significantly.

He noted that the province’s economy is mostly based on industry, mining and agriculture, but tourism has a high position in the region. A large number of people are involved in the tourism business.

“Given that it is not clear when the pandemic will end, those who are active in the tourism sector have no choice but to adapt themselves to the existing circumstances, while using the capacity of cyberspace to improve their business,” he noted.

He said the government is duty-bound to support vulnerable businesses affected by the crisis and provide them with financial facilities, pointing out, however, that presently the conditions are not conducive to attracting and hosting travelers. Thus, the measure will not help those involved in the tourism sector.

“In my opinion, there is no choice but to control the outbreak of COVID-19 disease. This is the only solution which will help improve the business environment in many sectors, including tourism,” he added.

However, he said, in the current situation, more attention should be paid to preserving the historical properties of the province.

He said although local people and officials expend a great deal of effort to protect the historical monuments of Yazd Province, some destructions have taken place in a number of them.

He stressed that proper plans should be devised by the province’s cultural heritage officials to resolve the problem.

Sabaqian said that most people think that the natural tourism capacity of Yazd Province is limited to desert landscapes, while there are many tourism assets in the region which have been neglected thus far.

The MP said Yazd is well-known throughout the country for its valuable historical properties, but many people may not know that there are several green areas in the province.

“There are green areas which have cold weather while people in other parts of the province experience temperatures above 50 degrees Centigrade (Celsius),” he noted.

The representative of Mehriz, Bafq, Abarkuh and Khatam in Parliament said that the province has very good diversity in the fields of climate, natural ecosystems, and plants and animals, which should be taken more into consideration by local tourism officials.

Yazd Province, which is located almost in the center of Iran, is neighboring the provinces of Isfahan, South Khorasan, Kerman and Fars.


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