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Published: 1051 GMT August 27, 2021

One-year-old baby lifts 6kg medicine ball in viral video

One-year-old baby lifts 6kg medicine ball in viral video

A one-year-old baby and weightlifting — sounds like a weird combination, right? The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of babies is the visual of them playing with their toys and moving around the house. However, this super-strong baby featured in a now-viral video seems to have different interests.

At an age when most of his friends would be busy selecting toys, he is lifting weights and how, wrote.

A Reddit video featuring his weightlifting capabilities was recently shared online and the clip has now gone viral. The 17 seconds clip starts with the toddler bending down in a squat like position to lift the ball up and wrapping his hands around the ball for a good grip. He lifts the ball up slowly and keeps it in the air for a few seconds before placing it back on the floor. The task looks difficult for him but the baby manages to pull it off comfortably.

Since being shared online, the video has garnered 61.7 thousand upvotes along with over 2.3 thousand comments on Reddit. Reacting to the clip, people expressed their amazement at the baby's weightlifting capabilities and said that he was an Olympian in making.

A user highlighted the baby's perfect posture while lifting the weight and wrote, "Shoulder width stance, full squat, and that power move at the end had me dying. This baby has got better form than most."

Meanwhile, some were also worried about the negative effects that the weight lift might have on his body. "Not a doctor but isn’t that a bit bad for a toddler's back?" commented a user expressing his concern.

Others suggested that lifting heavy weights at this age might give the baby hernia. The video was also reshared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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