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Published: 0808 GMT September 12, 2021

Presidential elections in Uzbekistan entered an active phase

Presidential elections in Uzbekistan entered an active phase

On September 9, 2021, the 10th congress of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People - the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan was held.

The issue of nominating a candidate from the party to participate in the Presidential Elections to be held on October 24 was considered at the congress.

The participants of the congress noted that the upcoming elections are an important political event, therefore it is necessary to nominate a purposeful and decisive candidate from the party with deep knowledge and extensive experience, a real leader.

Taking into account the opinion of the electorate, the Congress of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party decided to nominate Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev as a candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Candidate for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered a speech on the main directions of his election program, and also listed the reforms implemented in Uzbekistan during his tenure as president.

The President recalled that the provisions of his election program, presented five years ago, formed the basis of the Strategy of Action for the Development of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in five priority areas. As part of the implementation of the strategy, about 300 laws were adopted, over 4,000 decrees and decrees of the president. In a short time, not a single sphere and industry, city and district, village and mahalla remained in Uzbekistan, where the breath of renewal would not come.

“Today our state has opened up for the individual, for the people. We have created a completely new system of direct dialogue with the people, a positive solution to their needs and problems.

Formed in state and public administration a system based on openness and justice, serving the interests of people, making decisions of the people. The most important thing is that we have changed the principle "State - society - person" that has been in effect for many years. All actions in our country were based, first of all, on a person, and only then on the interests of society and the state”, - Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The President acknowledged that the past five-year period for the people and the whole country has become a period of sharp and difficult trials. Despite this, Uzbekistan has managed to maintain stable rates of economic growth.

According to him, any reform should be reflected not just in numbers, but primarily in the daily life of the population. "This is the truth of life. All our dreams and aspirations, hard work, work, regardless of whether it is day or night, - all this is for the sake of the people who look at us with great hope and faith" - continued Sh.M.Mirziyoyev.

As the most important achievements, Shavkat Mirziyoyev also noted the abolition of the “voluntary-compulsory” attraction of 6-7 million people, including children, to pick cotton every year: “For three or four years now, students and teachers have been studying or working in schools, doctors - in hospitals, scientists in laboratories, students in classrooms.

In short, we have every reason to say that today a completely new political, legal, socio-economic, scientific, educational and spiritual environment has been created in our country in a historically short period of time”, - said the incumbent president and candidate to the president.

The delegates noted the candidate’s many years of experience in leadership positions, his great contribution to the development of the country and the improvement of the well-being of people.

Over the past five years, thanks to the initiatives and efforts of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, historical reforms have been carried out in the administrative, judicial, social and economic spheres. Democracy has strengthened and the accountability of state bodies has been ensured.

During this period, the country’s economy grew by 24 percent, industry – by 34 percent, the volume of exports increased 1.5 times, foreign investments – 3 times. The gross domestic product has reached $60 billion. The average monthly wage increased 2.2 times.

Even more opportunities have been created for entrepreneurs and businesspeople who make up a significant part of the party’s electorate. Measures have been taken to develop the regions, expand the scale of industrial production and provide services.

It was emphasized that all this contributes to the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs and will increase the well-being of people.

As the delegates noted, the interests of the people became the main goal of the reforms. Large-scale social programs have been implemented. Much attention is paid to the development of science, education, healthcare, culture and art, media and sports.

The participants agreed that the election of Shavkat Mirziyoyev as President of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the right way to successfully continue these transformations and progress.


It should be noted that today all political parties of Uzbekistan have nominated candidates for the post of President of the country.

Thus, at the 7th Congress of the Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party, held on August 26, the candidacy of the deputy speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, party leader Alisher Kadyrov was nominated.

In the election program, he noted that the main attention will be paid to the formation of a national system of upbringing and education based on "national and universal values."

The Ecological Party of Uzbekistan on August 27 at the III Extraordinary Congress approved the candidacy of Narzullo Oblomurodov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Central Council of the party, to participate in the presidential elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 In his election program under the slogan "We are responsible for the future!" included the development of a "green economy", work with waste, providing the population with drinking water, improving the situation in the Aral Sea region, increasing confidence in the judiciary and other issues.

On September 6, at the congress of the People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU), deputy head of the party Maksuda Vorisova was approved as a party candidate for the highest political post in the country.

 The main goal of the People's Democratic Party is to build a state and society that meet the criteria of social equality and people's democracy.

The Kurultay of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat" on September 8 approved the head of the party, Bakhrom Abdukhalimov, as its candidate for the post of President of the country.


His electoral program includes such items as the fight against corruption and any manifestations of lynching, the creation of the Investigative Committee, the complete elimination of quotas for higher educational institutions, the provision of free education to students with high ratings, and others.

It should be noted that the activity of political parties and their nomination of their presidential candidates with specific pre-election programs indicate that the upcoming elections in Uzbekistan have entered their active phase and will be held on the basis of high democratic principles and criteria.

Elections based on real competition between candidates are a new phenomenon in the internal political life of this country.

This became possible due to the fact that over the past 5 years, under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, large-scale transformations have been carried out in the republic in all areas of public life.

Sh.Mirziyoyev's initiatives laid the foundation for the formation of a new model of state and social construction in Uzbekistan, the cornerstone of which is the principles of democracy and the rule of law.



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