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Published: 0822 GMT September 24, 2021

Pillow fighting, a national level championship in Japan

Pillow fighting, a national level championship in Japan

People around the world may consider pillow fights only a fun game, but do you know that there’s one country where they have a national level competition of the same sport?

Yes, in Japan, pillow fighting is a recognized sport and every year, teams from every province of the country come in dozens with full preparation. The All Japan Pillow Fighting Championship started after they noticed the popular pillow fighting among the students in the country, wrote.

Here, nobody comes for a time pass but to win the game by putting the best foot forward. Japan is the only country to have made pillow fighting a national level sport. While in other places children play this game as a fun activity, in Japan, they have trained players for it.

Reports say that students on school and college trips used to play this game. Inspired by this, a Pillow Fighting Tournament was started in 2013. The very next year in 2014 this championship reached the national level. From a nine-year-old kid to a 60-year-old, everyone can take part in this championship. Initially, a group of students in Shizuoka played this game in the form of competition and very simple rules were made for it.

To play this game, they usually wear a traditional Japanese dress called Yukatas which is apt for summers. First, the team members pretend to sleep as soon as the referee whistles, they start beating the other team with pillows.

The team aims to beat members of the opposite team, especially the captain with pillows. While doing this, the other team also has to be distracted. If the captain of the team gets out, the entire group is considered out.


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