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Published: 0952 GMT September 24, 2021

Monkey travels 22km in India to take revenge

Monkey travels 22km in India to take revenge

Greatest German Physicist Albert Einstein once said, "Weak people take revenge, strong people forgive and the intelligent ignore."

But, what if there is a monkey which is raging with vengeance on a man. What do you call it? It would surprise you to know that a monkey in Karnataka, a state in southwest India, travelled 22 kilometers to take revenge and it's been eight days since the man, who was attacked by the ape, came out of house fearing another attack. Here is the tale.

A mischievous five-year-old male monkey strolling in and around Kothigehara Village of Karnataka's Chikmagalur district used to snatch away snacks from people. After the schools reopened, it started loitering in schools creating a chaos at Morarji Desai Schools, wrote.

The school authorities have complained the forest department and a team arrived in the village to trap the mischevious monkey.

It wasn't easy though, so the forest department wanted an extra hands to help catching the ape. People agreed and one among them was an auto rickshaw driver Jagadish. The team made a strategy to tease the monkey and make it run in a direction where they have kept a trap. But, during this process, the monkey jumped upon Jagadish and bit him hard.

After biting, the monkey chased him down and as he hid in his auto rickshaw to get rid of the attacks, the roguish monkey made scathing attacks and tore the auto's seats and covers. It attacked the driver persistently which came as a shocker as there were many people trying to catch the monkey and it was only attacking Jagadish.

“We really don’t know why the monkey targeted one man. We don’t know if he had caused any harm to the animal previously or was it just an immediate reaction. But, this is the first time we have seen a monkey behaving like this though monkeys attacking humans are not unheard of,” said Mohan Kumar BG, range forest officer.

After three hours of struggle, the monkey was caught and the forest department had left it in a forest 22kms away. This happened on September 16. But the doctor asked Jagadish to take rest.

Cut to a week later, the monkey makes a re-entry into the village in search of Jagadish. According to the report, the monkey sprung upon a truck and reached the same village again. The forest department was called upon once again and the monkey was left in a farther forest.

Second time, Jagadish was left unscathed as he didn't fall in the sight of the monkey fearing another attack on him.


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