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Lavashak, an Iranian favorite snack

Lavashak, an Iranian favorite snack

Lavashak or Persian fruit leather is one of Iranians’ favorite snacks. It is a thin layer of dried fruit extract with a sour and salty taste. Iranians love foods that have a rich taste, whether it’s a sweet taste as you can see in most Persian pastries or rich sour taste like pickled vegetables or qaraqoroot (that literally means black curd and is a kind of dairy). Persian fruit leather is a fruit roll with a rich sour and salty taste. Here is all you need to know about this delicious treat, wrote.

Lavashak is made of different fruits. A thick extract of fruits is made and then dried to make lavashak. In the old days, people mashed the excess amounts of fruits and dried them under the Sun and that is how lavashak was first made. During the time, different combinations of fruit and additives have been used to make fruit leather. Even industrial methods are used, however, the basis is more or less the same.

The name lavashak refers to its resemblance to lavash, which is a type of Persian thin bread.

Iranians usually make lavashak at the end of summer, this is due to several reasons. First, from the old times, Iranians used to dry fruits or make fruit leather in the summer to be able to access fruit supplies in winter. This has remained a tradition ever since. Another reason is the great variety of fruits in the summer resulting in fruit rolls with different flavors. Also, the summer climate is hot and dry which makes the process of drying lavashak easy and fast.

The main ingredient to make Persian fruit leather is fruit. You can make the snack with any fleshy fruit you like. You can even mix several kinds of fruit and get a new brand flavor. The other ingredient is salt. Salt is added both for giving the Persian snack a rich taste and also to prolong its storage time.

In the industrial methods of making lavashak, some additives like citric acid or food colorings are used to give it a rich taste and color.

Ripe fruits such as plums or sour cherries are the best for making lavashak. Fruits need to be baked and then mashed to make the fruit leather therefore ripe ones require less time.

Lavashak is a good snack for everyone and it’s usually popular with kids.

It is high in fiber, and accordingly, it keeps the digestive system healthy.

Depending on the fruit it is made of, the snack can have different effects on health. For instance, barberries are good to control blood sugar and blood pressure and the fruit leather made of barberries has the same effect.

Keep in mind that fruit leather can never completely replace fresh fruits because of the making process which destroys some of the nutrients like vitamins.

Also, homemade lavashaks are healthier than industrially-produced ones. The excess amount of salt and other additives used in industrial methods can be bad for health.

One of the most popular kinds of Persian fruit leather is made with plums. Lavashak made with plum alone is quite sour, therefore to balance the taste a few apples are added.

To make the snack, fruits should be well washed. The stem parts and leaves should be removed. It is also better to remove the skin of fruits like apples which are easy to peel. However, it is not necessary.

The traditional way to dry the fruit leather is to leave it in a hot and dry place and wait for it to get dry. Iranians usually put the trays under the sunlight or in front of a fan airflow.





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