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Published: 0239 GMT September 24, 2021

Iran self-sufficient in copter production: Commander

Iran self-sufficient in copter production: Commander

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Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in helicopter production, said the commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation (IRIAA).

Brigadier General Yousef Qorbani added the country currently imports no part for the production of its copters as domestic technology-based firms and IRIAA engineers are capable of manufacturing and installing such items, IRNA reported.

He noted that the victory of Irans 1979 Islamic Revolution enraged the West, which, in turn, spurred the Baath Party under the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein on to attack the Iranian Army in the west and southwest of the country while the Armed Forces were not fully prepared yet.

The Baath Party crossed the Iranian borders with its very strong armored forces, the commander said, adding a totally different scenario would have unfolded in the absence of Irans strong leadership and heroic defense put up by the countrys warriors.

Brigadier General Qorbani noted that at that time, Iran had just purchased a number of helicopters.

He stressed that at present, the country has the strongest helicopter fleet in West Asia, saying, this comes as Americans refused to share the technology with us”.

The commander added the airplanes of the countrys army are part of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF), noting that IRIAA is a subsidiary of the Iranian Armys Ground Force whose activities are mainly focused on both helicopters and airplanes.

Brigadier General Qorbani said a large number of parts are required for chopper production, saying, We have achieved self-sufficiency in manufacturing them.”

He noted that in addition to accomplishing defense missions and protecting the borders, the IRIAA is also involved in providing aerial emergency medical services in 30 provinces and is the first unit carrying out rescue and relief operations in disasters, such as flash floods and earthquakes.

The IRIAA commander warned the Israeli regime that if it puts a foot wrong, brave Iranian pilots with their optimized and upgraded equipment will give it a crushing response in the blink of an eye.




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