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Published: 0929 GMT September 25, 2021

Woman divides opinion with her method for cooking steak

Woman divides opinion with her method for cooking steak

A woman has shared her bizarre 'hack' that restaurants apparently 'don't want you to know', which involves cooking steak with a seemingly unhealthy amount of butter.

So, as you might have already seen, the 'hack' seems to be encasing the entire cut of meat in a huge wad of butter, then frying it up in a pan as normal, while then slamming another slab of butter on top of it, reported on Friday.

OK, so we all like butter, but it's definitely one of those things that we know we like, but should limit the amount we consume.

Well, that maxim clearly isn't something that TikTok user Tammy Louse is listening to.

In her video, she shows how she starts off by coating one half of her steak in an entire stick of butter, before doing the exact same on the other side, then decanting a packet of taco seasoning onto it.

Apparently, this is how she thinks restaurants make their steak.

As she does it, she says: "Forget going out to eat at fancy restaurants, this is the best."

Once she throws the steak into the pan, which — if you're following the recipe — is on a relatively low heat — the entire thing quickly melts into a pool of butter.

Her friend asked: "Does the butter soaks into the meat?"

To which Tammy replied: "The butter soaks. It's going to make it creamy, yummy, all good."

To be fair to her, once she removes the steak from the pan it does look pretty good, but many have questioned whether she needs to cook it with that much butter, and whether restaurants actually do anything like this.

Surely they'd have to add a health warning?

Those who've witnessed her cooking haven't been afraid to voice their opinions.

One person commented: "My arteries clogged just watching this."

Another said: "Restaurants don't do that, I've worked at restaurants and that's not the way they cook. That's just how she cooks, she just wants more followers."

Another simply exclaimed: "Guys I work in a restaurant and I can clarify we do not do this."

Still, the steak does look OK, and — so long as you've got a healthy heart and a decent exercise regime — who are we to say people can't cook like this?


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