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Published: 1100 GMT October 02, 2021

Goldsmithing, a deep-rooted career and delicate art in Yazd

Goldsmithing, a deep-rooted career and delicate art in Yazd

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Goldsmithing, a deep-rooted, delicate art and handicraft of Yazd, has attracted many tourists on their trip to this historic city in the central province of Yazd.

The old goldsmith market is one of the most popular parts of Yazd Bazaar, with traditional and handmade gold jewelry, which is Yazd’s most expensive souvenir.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, a member of Yazd Jewelry Guild, Nasser Haqshenas, explained that the standard grade of gold throughout the country and most parts of the world is 12 and 18 carats, adding that 20-carat gold jewelry of Iran is made only in Yazd. He said, however, 21-carat gold jewelry is also made, to a lesser extent, in this city.

The higher the grade of gold, the softer the product and the deeper the color of gold, said Haqshenas. High-grade gold, due to its purer composition, is soft and pliable and, unlike other metals, bends without breaking.

Haqshenas said that 20- and 21-carat gold can be distinguished from other types of gold by color; however, to be sure, a code is engraved on the gold that shows the degree of carats and the manufacturer. Also, the letter Y is carved on the gold made in Yazd.

Pure gold, which is 24-carats, is generally considered too soft for use in jewelry, so it is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. In the past, gold was alloyed with silver or copper, but today some goldsmiths mix gold only with copper.

To obtain 21-carat gold, 0.63 grams of copper and/or silver are added to every ounce of pure gold, he explained.

The higher the amount of copper and silver, the lower the grade of gold produced. Of course, most people are now interested in the color and material of 18-carat gold, but 20- and 21-carat gold jewelry, with a distinct bright yellow color, have their fans, too.


Unique designs of Yazd gold jewelry


In addition to the high grade of gold, special and unique designs of Yazd gold jewelry have taken the brand beyond Iran’s borders.

Haqshenas said that Chinabi, or Yazd Gold Chain, one of the most famous designs of Yazd gold jewelry, has many fans among foreign customers, especially in Arab countries. This beautiful and delicate gold chain also has fans in the United States.

All stages of making this type of chain are handmade and, despite its delicate appearance, this chain is firm.

Conik Chain is another type of handmade gold jewelry in Yazd, which like rosary beads, are made of small to large rings. Another gold chain design of the city is called Lantern Chain, because each ring looks like a lantern. A cardamom-designed chain is also among the gold jewelry designs of Yazd. The design is a combination of Chinabi design and rings similar to cardamom seeds, he said.



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