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Published: 0311 GMT October 03, 2021

Iranian MPs laud army for war games, caution Caucasus actors

Iranian MPs laud army for war games, caution Caucasus actors

Iran’s lawmakers have praised the army for holding an exercise in the northwestern regions of the country with a message of peace and power, warning the countries in the Caucasus not to fall under the sinister influence of the Zionist regime and to avoid divisive measures.

In a Sunday statement, 165 members of the Iranian Parliament voiced support for the army’s recent military drill near the country’s northwestern border, Tasnim News Agency reported.

The lawmakers made it clear that Iran will not tolerate any geopolitical changes in proximity to common borders with the neighbors, and will not allow the Zionist regime to use the neighboring states’ soil either.

Describing the Fatehan-e Khaybar, ‘Conquerors of Khaybar’, drill as a move that relayed the message of power and peace to regional countries and a warning to the Zionist regime, the MPs emphasized that the age-old and strong relations, unity and bonds between the Iranian and Azerbaijani nations will never be affected by the divisive moves of the enemies, especially the fake Zionist regime.

“The government of the Republic of Azerbaijan is expected to oppose any sedition initiated by the outsiders and counter divisive bids.”

The MPs also asked the Iranian Foreign Ministry to convey the Parliament’s warning to the actors in the Caucasus region.

Iran recently held military drills in the country’s northwestern border area, which was criticized by the Republic of Azerbaijan, whose President Ilham Aliyev said he was “very surprised” by Tehran’s decision to hold exercises close to the common borders, and questioned the timing of the maneuvers.

Tehran has been suspicious of Azerbaijan’s links to the Israeli regime.

Iran’s Armed Forces regularly hold military maneuvers to elevate their preparedness and military prowess. The drills serve as a warning to the enemies against any act of aggression against the Islamic Republic.



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