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Published: 0935 GMT October 09, 2021

Virginia couple spreads message of love through shrubs outside home

Virginia couple spreads message of love through shrubs outside home

In a world where we seem to see so much hate, anger and negativity, one couple from Portsmouth, Virginia, the US, is spreading love with a simple message on their lawn.

They are using their property to spread goodness to the community and a positive message,, reported.

For years, Douglas Thompson has always had a heart sculpture made out of a shrub on his front yard.

Then he transformed the heart into the word LOVE. And now, love is all you need on West Norfolk Road in Portsmouth.

“Churchland is one of the nicest neighborhoods that there is. We got nice people,” said Thompson.

While News 3 was there for the interview they heard people beeping and giving thumbs up. “We get those all the time. People stop by and blow the horn,” said Thompson.

Douglas Thompson started sculpting shrubbery when he was just a kid. He said for this 7th birthday his mom created a lawn chair made out of a shrub.

The Coast Guard Veteran used to work on a 12 foot tall Jesus sculpture at his moms house in the small town of Rice, Virginia but now his nephew has taken over that display.

Thompson created the Love shrub six years ago outside of his Portsmouth house.

“When we put this message of love out, that’s to show people who we are. We want to be loved and we want to show people love,” said Bonnie Thompson.

And they’ve shown each other love for a long time as they have been together since she was 15 years old. They have now been married for 39 years with three kids and four grand kids.

“He’s the only guy I've ever loved and I still love him today,” said Bonnie Thompson.

And love is what they want to spread to people of all ages and ethnicities. They said people stop and take pictures all the time.

“One lady makes me a spice cake every year for Christmas. I loved it. She came by and said how much she appreciates the love sign. We got an anonymous letter in the mailbox once,” said Douglas Thompson.

This couple says they have so much appreciation for all the people that show them love.

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