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Published: 0323 GMT October 11, 2021

Baqeri: Kunduz attack shows ‘dangers of Takfiri terrorism’ created by arrogant powers

Baqeri: Kunduz attack shows ‘dangers of Takfiri terrorism’ created by arrogant powers

People inspect the damage inside a mosque in Afghanistan’s Kunduz Province after a terrorist attack.

Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, chief of staff of Iran's armed forces, condemned the bombing of a mosque in northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz Province on Friday, saying that the terrorist attack once again demonstrated the “dangers of Takfiri terrorism”.

In a statement on Monday, the top military official said the diabolical crime once again demonstrated the “dangers of Takfiri terrorism” created in the “think tanks of hegemonic powers and Zionism as well as the spy agencies of arrogant powers,” Press TV reported.

He said the resistance axis, after forcing Americans to beat a humiliating retreat from the region, most recently from Afghanistan, is being targeted.

Dozens were killed in an attack at Gozar-e-Sayed Abad Mosque in the Khanabad area of Kunduz, with a predominantly Hazara population, on Friday.

A Daesh terrorist, masquerading as a worshiper, detonated his explosives during Friday prayers. The victims were all Hazara Shias, the third-largest ethnic group in Afghanistan.

Describing it as a “great and alarming tragedy,” General Baqeri said the incident calls for “unity, security and stability” in the Islamic world, especially in the neighboring country of Afghanistan.

He said the formation of an inclusive and broad-based government in the war-ravaged country will rid it of terrorism, bolster public security and pave the way for return to normalcy.

He also urged the Taliban’s caretaker government to identify and punish the perpetrators of the heinous crime and take the necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of such attacks.

Friday’s attack is among the deadliest terrorist attacks in Afghanistan since the US-led invasion 2001, and the first since the Taliban announced an interim government in Kabul last month.

On Saturday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on the Afghan authorities to punish the perpetrators of the attack.

“The tragic death of people praying in a mosque in Kunduz has grieved us,” the Leader said in a statement.

“Afghan officials in our neighboring, fraternal country are seriously expected to punish the bloodthirsty perpetrators of this major crime and take all measures to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.”

President Ebrahim Raeisi also voiced concern about the unending cycle of violence in Afghanistan, linking the growth of the Daesh terrorist group in the region to the US.





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