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Published: 0338 GMT October 13, 2021

Iran: False accusations by Israel aimed at concealing crimes against Palestinians

Iran: False accusations by Israel aimed at concealing crimes against Palestinians

Iran’s Representative at the First Committee of the UN General Assembly Heidar Ali Balouji blasted the Israeli regime for disseminating false and fabricated accusations against regional countries, particularly Iran.

Addressing the First Committee of the 76th United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, the Iranian diplomat said, “The dissemination of false and fabricated accusations against regional countries, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran, has long been a standard practice of Israel, with the exclusive purpose of concealing its crimes and brutalities against innocent Palestinian people,” according to IRNA.

The Iranian official said Israel, in flagrant violation of international law and in total disregard for all relevant United Nations resolutions, continues to violate the fundamental rights and dignity of the Palestinian people and other Arabs living under its occupation. As a result, Palestinians are deprived of their lands and properties, forcibly evicted while being subjected to violence, terror and intimidation, Balouji said. 

“Worse still, under the current challenging circumstances and as the international community focuses on mitigating the severe effects and consequences of COVID-19, the Israeli regime continues to exploit this period to accelerate its illegal settlement activities as well as annexation schemes in order to further entrench its military occupation.

Simultaneously, the inhumane and suffocating blockade on the Gaza Strip continues to deepen the severity of the humanitarian crisis and inflict misery on the Palestinian civilian population there,” he noted.

The Iranian official stressed that the continued occupation of territories of other countries and frequent encroachments against the countries of the region have seriously endangered peace and security in the region and beyond. The Israeli regime’s entire history is full of aggression against its neighbors and other countries in the West Asia region.

Balouji said that the Israeli regime continues to defy all international regimes governing weapons of mass destruction by refusing to adhere to the NPT, the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention.

Furthermore, it continues to seriously hamper the establishment of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in West Asia proposed by Iran in 1974. Indeed, nuclear weapons in the hands of this regime pose the most serious threat to the security of all states in West Asia, the Iranian official said, adding, nevertheless, it attempts to portray Iran’s conventional weapons capabilities, or its exclusively peaceful nuclear program, which is under the most robust verification of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as a challenge to regional stability.



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