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Published: 0309 GMT October 17, 2021

Afghan artist creates outstanding sculptures from egg trays

Afghan artist creates outstanding sculptures from egg trays

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Alikhan Abdollahi is an Afghan immigrant who has chosen to live in Iran for the past 32 years following the civil war in Afghanistan. A famous sculptor now, he hopes that one day he would be able to hold an exhibition in his home country.

After migrating to Iran, Abdollahi, who has worked in various fields, gradually become interested in sculpting. He has been engaged in a certain type of sculpting for the past 20 years.

He uses special materials for making his imaginary sculptures, for example, empty egg trays. Some of the statues made by him are combinations of humans and animals.

Iran Daily conducted an exclusive interview with Abdollahi on the sidelines of the ‘Hamkhaneh’ exhibition, held in Tehran’s Artists Forum by the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs of Tehran Province’s Governorate from Oct. 8-18.


IRAN DAILY: Tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background?

ABDOLLAHI: I was born in 1963 and came to Iran in 1989, because the ethnic, religious and partisan conflicts escalated in our region and the living conditions were not suitable in Afghanistan. I actually started sculpting in Iran; I had never experienced it in Afghanistan.

Interest and compulsion are two sides of the same coin which put humans on the path to progress, provided that a person has the ability and will to do something.

I get involved in artistic activity to earn a livelihood for my family. A situation may cause a person to take the path of addiction and a spark may lead another toward higher education. God put this path in front of me; otherwise, I would not have thought about fame and reputation at all.


Since when did you take this job more seriously?

I worked as a caretaker in a building and I started sculpting as a hobby during my free time. After I made some sculptures and got encouragement from people, it gradually became a profession, a source of income and an artistic activity for me.

Gradually, the best galleries expressed their willingness to display my artworks. I held several exhibitions in several places from Milad Tower to the famous cultural complexes of Tehran, including Niavaran, Arasbaran and Bahman.


Please elaborate on your method. Do you use egg trays in sculpting?

The use of egg trays was very random. I was looking for a special available material that could be formed into shape well. I realized that the ingredients in egg trays are very suitable for this purpose.

I did not receive any special training. All figures came from my imagination and none of them had been inspired by a particular place. An artist takes things from everywhere, like a hook.


How do you feel about holding exhibitions in Iran? Do you like to hold an exhibition in Afghanistan?

My feelings regarding holding group exhibitions with my compatriots in Iran are inexpressible. This will help encourage Afghan artists to get to know each other and continue their artistic activities. In addition, I wish I could hold exhibitions in Afghanistan freely, but suitable grounds must be prepared for achieving this.



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