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Published: 0927 GMT October 24, 2021

Bandar Anzali, largest port on southern shores of Caspian Sea

Bandar Anzali, largest port on southern shores of Caspian Sea

Bandar Anzali (the port city of Anzali) is the second most populated city in the northern Gilan Province and the first and largest port on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea.

The city borders the Caspian Sea in the north, Someh Sara in the south, Rasht in the east and Rezvanshahr in the west, reported.



Military Museum


If you are interested in cultural destinations, don’t miss visiting the Military Museum of Bandar Anzali. The building of the museum was constructed in 1929. Although it is a military museum, its wonderful building and fine artworks dominate its soulless atmosphere of it. This beautiful monument is situated in a garden, the fragrance of its flowers and oranges attracts every visitor. This museum with large windows is neighbor with the Caspian Sea from the north and the lush vibrant garden from the south.

The first level of the museum showcases some military equipment like kolah khud (kind of war hat), light weapons, battle attire, small arms and some navigation and diving equipment. The second level holds furniture belonging to Reza Shah Pahlavi (1878-1944 CE) such as engraved wooden tables or shelves, bronze candlesticks and clocks, porcelain dishes.




If you are in the north of the country and you are in the mood of Shiraz, the capital of the southeastern province of Fars, you can travel to Bandar Anzali, go to its seaside boulevard and visit its Hafeziyeh. This white building, very similar to Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz, was built by a team of German municipal engineers in 1932 upon the order of the municipality. In the past, music concerts were held in the venue. The building which is among the famous tourist attractions of the city, is now used as a place for paintings and handicrafts exhibitions.


Polish Cemetery


The Polish Cemetery was built during evacuation of Polish civilians from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in World War II. This war cemetery contains the remains of 163 graves of Polish soldiers of the Ander’s Army and 476 graves of Polish civilians who perished due to sickness during their transport to the Middle East.


 Anzali Clock Tower


The Clock Tower is another tourist attraction in Bandar Anzali and one of the oldest monuments built in the city. This spectacular historic tower, whose clock still shows the time correctly, is located behind Sepah Anzali Market. The tower was built by Khosrow Khan Georgia, during the reign of Nassereddin Shah Qajar (1831-1896 CE).


Anzali International Wetland

Anzali International Wetland is the location of aquatic spawning and home to native and migratory birds. In the middle of the lagoon, there are beautiful islands and on its beach there are two beautiful towns of Bandar Anzali and Abkenar. The Anzali Wetland has more than 100 species of birds, 50 species of fish, an exclusive ecosystem, most of which are protected in the Sorkhankel Wildlife Sanctuary.


Sorkhankel Wildlife Refuge


Sorkhankel Wildlife Refuge, known also as Sorkhankel Protected Area, is a part of the Anzali Wetland, located in the middle of it. Fortunately, whether you like or not Sorkhankel is the only way to reach the water lilies. Migratory birds such as swans, goose, all kinds of ducks and many other species spend the winter in this refugee. This wetland is also the home of many plants such as water lilies. The lotus flower growing area is one of the major breeding and hatching sites for swallows in the Anzali Wetland.


Mirza Kouchak Khan Cruise Ship


One of the most beloved recreational activities in Bandar Anzali is just related to this ship. It has been built in 1971 in Japan. The cruise ship, which has five floors, is 74 meters long, 12 meters wide and 20 meters high. It has 27 first and second class cabins, with a capacity of about 250 passengers. The ferry can travel between coastal and foreign provinces and is a residence center similar to a five-star hotel. Mirza Kouchak Khan Ship with accommodations and amenities hosts guests interested in a memorable nightlife experience in the Caspian Sea.


Seaside Boulevard


This old Seaside Boulevard is the first park in Iran with modern European style that was inspired by Russian architecture and founded in 1928. When you walk down this boulevard, you will see the sea on one side and eye-catching trees on the other.


Bandar Anzali Dock


Bandar Anzali as the largest port on the Caspian Sea and the oldest port in the north of the country plays an essential role in the transport of goods by sea. Whenever you look at the dock, you will see a large number of colorful ships that are either in the dock and loading or unloading the goods or are approaching or departing from the dock and gradually disappearing.

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