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Published: 1100 GMT October 27, 2021

Top villages in Iran you must visit

Top villages in Iran you must visit

Stunning Iranian villages are scattered all over the country that most of them are within day-tripping distance of the cities. Hence, whichever city you visit, you’re likely to be close enough to one of the quaint villages.

Also, you can slip away from the crowds in these destinations, find the best cuisine, incredible festivals, and remote attractions. Even you can get an in-depth look at how the locals live.

So, along with top tourist attractions, be sure to include a few destinations of this list of villages on your itinerary, wrote.

The Third Part of this article will introduce three other top tourism villages of Iran.



Mazichal Village


How does it seem to be in a place where the lovely clouds are flowing beneath you? And when the clouds go away, the spectacular landscape of a forest and the world’s largest lake appears. In Kelardasht, northern province of Mazandaran, there is a beautiful village called Mazichal, one of the top villages in Iran for nature lovers. It is a summer village where kind people live seasonally. Accordingly, about 50 to 60 families live in this village from late June to late September.

Mazichal Village is at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level, where you will see a vast and spectacular view of the Hyrcanian Forests and the Caspian Sea.

The presence of dense forests, lovely white clouds, and villagers’ summer cottages create a relaxing and dreamy image for tourists. Besides, in Mazichal you can enjoy the clouds’ spectacular movement, a unique phenomenon called the ocean of clouds or the sea of clouds.

Furthermore, the forest road that leads to the summer village of Mazichal is full of oak trees, and sometimes thick fog covers it. In that situation, you have to get help from the locals to reach the village. Also, along the route, there are old and abandoned cemeteries surrounded by trees and forest plants that create a mysterious atmosphere.

Along with the beauties and attractions of this village, you can enjoy the beautiful forests of Abbasabad located in this area.

Notably, Mazichal is a summer village, and its cottages can be inhabited only in the summer and are empty of inhabitants in other seasons.

Generally, you will not find a room or a house to stay in this village. So, most tourists arrange a day trip to this village and usually do not stay in Mazichal. However, if you are interested in staying in nature, you can spend the night in a camp or go to Kelardasht and use its accommodation complexes.


Makhunik Village


Imagine Lilliput Village in the real world, a town with tiny houses where small people live. Makhunik is a mysterious village in the northeastern province of South Khorasan. This village is one of the seven amazing villages in the world and is known as Iran’s Lilliput. The Makhunik Village is near the Afghanistan border, and its inhabitants are originally Afghans.

One of the most remarkable symbols of this village is its houses. They are compactly built in the ground somehow that their floors are about one meter underground. The houses do not have a distinctive geometric shape; they are tiny and have only one room of ten or twelve meters. Besides, the houses are built of stone and mud, and foliage covers their roofs. Mostly, they have no openings to the outside except their short entrance doors.

As mentioned above, Makhunik Village is known as Lilliput Village in Iran because its inhabitants are relatively short; they are about 140cm tall. Their houses have small and narrow doors. Therefore, to enter the house, you must bend over.

On the other hand, the villagers have not remarkable interaction with the outside world. It is interesting to know that the villagers did not drink tea, eat meat, or smoke until 50 years ago.


Nayband Village


Imagine a green island with palm trees in the middle of the desert. Nayband Village is a miracle in the Lut Desert in South Khorasan Province where green farms and beautiful palm trees have created pristine landscapes. This wonderful village dates back to the early centuries of Islamic history.

Nayband Village in Tabas is one of the stepped villages in Iran, where each house’s roof is the yard of another house. In the lower parts, there are gardens and houses located at the top of the mountain.

One of the essential features of this village is its organic structure, which means that it does not have a particular texture, and there are narrow and winding alleys between the houses. Besides, most of the homes are two-story, and from a distance, they are like the legos of various shapes put irregularly on top of each other.

Due to aqueducts and springs in this village, the inhabitants cultivate various crops such as citrus, palms, wheat, barley, vegetables, and legumes. Besides, some of the villagers are engaged in animal husbandry.

In this beautiful village, you can enjoy trekking, hiking, star observing, and camping. Also, you can stay in one of the ecolodges in this village.

Finally, the best time to visit Nayband is autumn, winter, and early spring due to the hot desert climate.


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