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Published: 1031 GMT November 03, 2021

12-year-old boy launches cake making business in Connecticut

12-year-old boy launches cake making business in Connecticut

Luca Esposito, 12, had so much time during the pandemic to perfect his cake making/decorating skills that the seventh-grader now has started a business and is saving for college.

“I mean all it really takes is practice and starting at a young age,” said Luca, a student at Hamden Middle School, Connecticut, the US, reported.

“I like when I’m happy with the finished product and they rave about it.”

Luca’s mother, Robin Esposito, a nurse at Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in North Haven, said the two have been baking together since Luca was young — before his earliest memory of the activity at age four.

They come from an Italian family where “food is love, cooking is love,” Robin said, and so they spent many hours together cooking, making treats — some of them experimental and baking all kinds of products — cakes, cookies, doughnuts. Luca baked all the pies for last year’s Thanksgiving.

Then, “Social media during the pandemic changed things,” and brought her son’s skills to a new level, Robin said.

Luca couldn’t hang out with his friends, so he started watching cake-making videos and, lots of flour, sugar, buttercream and experimenting later, got the look and tastes so perfected that guests who saw his cakes at family gatherings started to order.

He then established Lucas_reative_ Cakes on Instagram.

“I got farther along because of the pandemic than I would have been if I had been seeing friends,” Luca said.

One of his cakes goes for about $20 and to his mom’s surprise, he’s saving the money for college. It’s all profit because mom doesn’t charge for ingredients.

Luca, who is considering a future as a drummer or scientist, said he sees baking as a hobby in his adult life, rather than a career, although sometimes he thinks about owning a bakery.

Depending on the order, he can make the inside of the cake a color or many colored layers. He works with fresh strawberries and raspberries, lemon curd, buttercream, ganache and even fondant.

Word of mouth and those who have experienced Luca’s cakes are his best advertisements. Robin said she brought a Luca cake to work and a coworker wants a taco-themed cake.

When people order, “I emphasize it’s still a kid making a cake,” she said.

Robin said it was wonderful they could find happiness during the pandemic.

“We love doing things together. There are certainly moments where we’re frustrated,” she said. “It’s something fun to do together and you can’t go wrong with the final product.”

Luca’s father, Frankie Esposito, is the taste-tester.

Robin said even if Luca doesn’t become a professional baker she hopes he’ll carry on the tradition with his kids of doing special things together.

She said, “If nothing else, he’ll have a very happy wife someday.”


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