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Published: 0244 GMT November 13, 2021

Putin: Russia sees US, NATO Black Sea drills as 'serious challenge'

Putin: Russia sees US, NATO Black Sea drills as 'serious challenge'

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian president: Western states create migration crises

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview aired Saturday that Moscow considered recent Black Sea exercises by the US and other NATO ships as a “serious challenge”.

"The United States and its allies in NATO are carrying out unplanned exercises in the Black Sea. Not only is a rather powerful naval group involved in these exercises, but also aviation, including strategic aviation. This is a serious challenge for us," he said in an interview with state broadcaster Vesti, AFP reported.

His comments came after Washington this week raised alarms over Russian military activities close to Ukraine's border.

Putin said that Russian Defence Ministry "had a proposal to hold its own unplanned exercises in the same waters".

"But I believe that this is inappropriate and there is no need to further escalate the situation there," he said.

Putin seemed to refer to several US warships taking part in exercises in the Black Sea which Moscow this week said it was "monitoring".

On Wednesday, US top diplomat Antony Blinken warned Moscow against making "serious mistake" on Ukraine as Washington sought clarity about troop movements near the border.

The EU on Friday said it was also concerned by Russian military activities close to Ukraine's border. The 27-nation bloc said it was monitoring the situation with partners including the US and Britain.

Putin brushed off the accusations, saying "he had not seen these alarmist statements yet".


Move against Minsk peace deal


But he criticised Ukraine for using Turkish-made drones against separatist fighters in the country, saying the move was "strictly" against a peace protocol signed in Minsk in 2015.

Last month, Kiev released footage of what it said was its first use of the Turkish-made TB2 Bayraktar drone against separatists in the east of the country.

"But no one even reacts to this, and the US practically supported it," Putin said.

"In parallel to this, they organised drills on the Black Sea. It seems that we are simply not allowed to let our guard down," the Russian leader said.

"Well, they should know that we are not letting our guard down," he added.

The Kremlin had warned that the use of Turkish-made drones could escalate the conflict.

Putin said Saturday that Russia is often accused of not fulfilling the Minsk agreements.

"When we ask our partners," he said, "What exactly Russia should be doing according to the Minsk agreement, there is no answer."


Poland-Belarus migrant crisis


Regarding a migrant stand-off on the border between Poland and Belarus, the Russian president said the Western states created migration crises themselves, according to TASS.

"It is important to remember where the migration crises came from. Is it Belarus that discovered such problems? No, there are reasons that were created by the Western countries themselves, including European countries. They are both of military and economic nature," Putin said.

Elaborating on the military causes, Putin mentioned the conflict in Iraq. "Because everyone took part, say, in operations in Iraq, and now there are a lot of Kurds from Iraq. They [the West] fought in Afghanistan for 20 years, and now there are more and more Afghans there," the Russian president explained.

"Belarus has nothing to do with it. Migrants went through other channels as well. The fact that now they have gone through Belarus is not surprising, because Belarus has a visa-free entry to the country from the countries of exodus, as Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko [Belarusian President] explained to me," Putin went on.







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