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Published: 0335 GMT November 22, 2021

Kurds have suffered most at the hands of fake supporters: Minister

Kurds have suffered most at the hands of fake supporters: Minister

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Those who, at present, pass themselves off as Iranian Kurds’ proponents are the ones who have dealt the largest number of blows to the northern province of Kurdestan, said the interior minister.

In an address to the induction ceremony of Kurdestan Governor General Esmaeil Zarei-Kousha on Monday, Ahmad Vahidi also questioned why the Zionist regime and Western countries should defend counterrevolutionary groups that pretend to be Kurds’ proponents, Tasnim News Agency reported.

He added Kurdestan and its people are examples of honor, resistance and discernment, noting this can be easily confirmed by taking a glance at the province’s glorious history during the past four decades after the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Iran’s Kurdish people were the ones who defended the country strongly during the eight-year (1980-88) Iraqi-imposed war while fighting on two fronts against Ba'athist regime of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the counterrevolutionary groups, the minister said.

He described the anti-Islamic Revolution groups as mercenaries and the Islamic Establishment’s enemies, adding in the enemy-waged soft war against the country and despite all the conspiracies, Kurdestan’s people proved tough, cultured, and insightful who know well about all dimensions of plots against their country.

Vahidi said 5,400 Kurds have been martyred in the fights against the enemies.

The enemies have always sought to compromise Iran’s security and impede the country’s development through pressure and threat, the minister noted.

The people in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region have also suffered a great deal at the hands of Saddam Hussein and foreign occupiers, he said, adding the enemies have strained every nerve and sinew to sow discord between Iranian and Iraqi Kurds, plots which have been foiled in light of the Kurdish people’s prudence and wisdom.

The minister stressed that the new Iranian administration under President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi plans to pay greater attention to border provinces, including Kurdestan, and address their problems and shortcomings.

He described as the province’s most important assets Kurdestan’s human workforce and culture, which are two valuable pillars of power in any region.

Vahidi called for a boost in border trade between Iran and Iraq, saying border transactions in Kurdestan can be increased to $5 billion per year. 



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