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Published: 1235 GMT November 23, 2021

Bastam: A historical city in Semnan Province

Bastam: A historical city in Semnan Province
Bayazid Bastami Complex

Bastam is a small town located near Shahrud in the northern province of Semnan.

Like Shahrud, this city is also full of apricot gardens and huge plane trees with the attractive landscapes of the falling leaves in the autumn, wrote.

It is the burial place of Bayazid Bastami, a great Iranian mystic. It can be said that Bayazid Bastami’s Complex is the most important historical site of the city.

Since the climate of the region is mainly hot and dry, spring is usually the best time to visit Bastam.




According to the results of the excavations carried out in the region, archeologists have estimated that the city dates back to 8,000 years. The famous Sang-e Chakhmaq Mound in the northern part of the city shows how old the history of the city is. It is a Neolithic archaeological site located about 1km north of Bastam.

There are cemeteries in the city, dating back to first millennium CE, where the large and small tombstones are on the graves. There is also some evidence of life in this region from the Achaemenid Period (550-330 BCE) as well.

Some historians believe Bastam is one of the remained settlements of Khosrow Parviz (570-628 CE), the famous Sassanid king.

It was one of the major cultural centers of Iran from the 10th and 11th centuries to the 20th century.

The main sources of water supply in the city are Qanats some of which date back to 500 years ago. It is interesting to note that the water of these Qanats is very cool and pleasant throughout the summer and warm on the cold winter days.


Bayazid Bastami Complex


Bayazid Bastami Complex includes a mosque and several tombs.

Bayazid Bastami is one of the most famous mystics of the ninth century CE in Iran. Bayazid’s most important works have been collected in several books, among which we can mention Al-Noor.

The tomb of Bayazid Bastami does not have luxurious and dazzling decorations and it is very simple and incomplete which demonstrates the existence of the tomb of a mystic below it (all mystics live in a sample way). It also has an iron window.


Under the dome of the monument, the tomb of Bayazid Bastami can be seen. There is a marble gravestone that is decorated with religious phrases.

For visiting the tomb of this famous mystic, you should go to Mahdieh Street in Bastam.


Jaame Mosque


Jaame Mosque of Bastam is located at a distance of 200m from the Tomb of Bayazid Bastami. It has a square courtyard with an altar which is intricately and artistically adorned with a master-piece of plaster works. Sacred phrases, beautifully engraved with plaster can be seen there.

The mosque was constructed in 1306 CE. There are two inscriptions displaying the name of the mosque’s founder, date of its construction and date of its repair.

The mosque has undergone restoration earlier this year. Flanked by several mudbrick monuments, the mosque suffered damage from termites over the years.

The eastern shabestan of the centuries-old mosque was the subject of the restoration project. Shabestan is an underground space that can be usually found in Iran’s traditional mosques, houses, and schools.





Shahrokhiyeh School


Shahrokhiyeh School of Bastam dates back to the Timurid Era (1370-1507 CE). It has two floors with several chambers and ivans (rectangular hall or space, usually vaulted, walled on three sides, with one end entirely open), and a zurkhaneh (a special traditional place where men practice heroic sport).



Kashaneh Tower


Kashaneh Tower is located in the southeast side of Jaame Mosque. The polygon architecture of the tower with beautiful moldings and Arabic calligraphies on the walls of the building has turned it into a spectacular attraction.

The tower is 20m high and there is an inscription in Kufic language on top of the tower. Many studies show that the building has been the fire temple of Bastam before the advent of Islam to Iran.


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