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Published: 1216 GMT November 26, 2021

Mangrove Forests among great tourist attractions of Qeshm Island

Mangrove Forests among great tourist attractions of Qeshm Island

Mangrove Forests of Qeshm are definitely one of the best natural tourist attractions of this island in the south of Iran and it owes its fame to its peculiar characteristic, wrote.

Mangrove Forests of Qeshm or Hara Forests are among the wonders of Qeshm Island.

Located along the Strait of Hormoz, in the middle of the Persian Gulf, the largest island in the region with its dolphin shape stands.

Outlined with vast mangrove forests, calm beaches, and filled with significant natural attractions as well as rare cultural heritages, Qeshm Island is the adventurers' paradise in the country.

Instead of soil, mangrove trees have their root in water and they disappear when tides are high, and reappear again when the water is down.

The forests are located on the coast of Qeshm Island. The main dominant trees in these forests are the Avicenna marina, named after the great Persian scientist, Avicenna. There is a whole other world in Hara Forests.

Unlike typical trees, mangrove trees have roots in water (well, actually in the soil layers of the sea). So, when the tides are high, they will disappear under the water.

What is interesting about this species is that they absorb the salty water and they filter the salt and naturally sweeten the water. These trees even have tiny blossoms and fruits from mid-July to August, with yellow flowers and sweet almond-like fruit.

The forests cover more than 22,000 square kilometers and have lots of narrow channels between them. Thus, it is better to navigate the area with someone who knows this place well, especially a skilled boatman.

As this area is protected and is also known as Hara Forests Protected Area, fishing is forbidden. These are really rare forests and there are only a few numbers of this kind in the world.

If you want to fully enjoy these amazing forests, it is better to travel to Qeshm Island between October and May, as these are the best months due to the pleasant weather.

The island is best known for the giant craters in its Star Valley. Ancient tales, as told by locals, suggest the craters were made by fallen shooting stars. One of the most popular tourist activities in Qeshm is heading out to a tiny deserted island called Naz – by camel is by far the most stylish means to go about it.



Thanks to its unique environment, this area is home to diverse birds. Bird lovers can enjoy watching these beautiful creatures ambling through the mangrove forests. You will see birds like herons, flamingos, pelicans, and angler eagles here. Moreover, there are reptiles, fish, and varieties of Arthropoda and bivalves that live in Hara Forests.

After visiting the amazing forests, you can take a look at Chahkuh Canyon which is about 40 minutes drive. Also, there are other attractions like Stars Valley, Portuguese Castle, Hengam Island, and Naz that you can visit.


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