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Published: 0251 GMT November 29, 2021
ISC: Iran ranks first in world in monthly recoveries-infections ratio

Iran’s daily COVID deaths at 82, administered jabs over 105m: Ministry

Iran’s daily COVID deaths at 82, administered jabs over 105m: Ministry

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The Iranian Health Ministry announced in a statement on Monday that the country’s daily COVID-19 fatalities and cases stood at 82 and 4,310, respectively, with nine provinces reporting no casualties and the number of administered coronavirus jabs surpassing 105 million.

According to the ministry, the total COVID-19 death toll and cases since the beginning of the outbreak in the country in late February 2020 stand at 129,711 and 6,113,192.

It said 3,338 patients are in critical condition, and 645 new ones have been hospitalized.

According to the statement, 5,873,441 people have so far either recovered from the disease or have been discharged from hospitals, and 38,654,574 diagnostic tests have so far been carried out in the country.

The ministry said 105,162,208 doses of COVID jabs have so far been administered in Iran, of which 57,483,074 have been given to people as the first dose, and 46,683,162 as the second dose.

In addition, 955,972 have received their third dose. Over 275,836 doses were administered during Sunday to Monday.


Zero deaths


Moreover, in the 24-hour period to Monday, nine provinces reported no COVID-19 deaths. They were Khuzestan (southwestern Iran), Golestan (northern Iran), Kurdestan (northwestern Iran), Hormuzgan (southern Iran), North Khorasan (northeastern Iran), Semnan (northern Iran), Zanjan (northwestern Iran), Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad (southwestern Iran) and Sistan and Baluchestan (southeastern Iran).

No city in the country is currently coded red (very high-risk) in terms of the coronavirus spread, while 22 cities are in the orange zone (high-risk) and the number of yellow (medium-risk) and blue (low-risk) cities are 207 and 219, respectively.

Iran’s public vaccination has gained greater momentum over the past few months on the back of a rise in imports and domestic production. The country has produced a number of COVID jabs domestically and received several COVID-19 vaccine batches from Russia (Sputnik V), China (Sinopharm), Japan (AstraZeneca) and India (COVAXIN).

Among the homegrown vaccines are Razi Cov Pars (Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute), Fakhra (Defense Ministry), COVIran Barekat (Barakat Foundation), Soberana 2 – or PastoCoVac (Cuba’s Instituto Finlay de Vacunas and Iran’s Pasteur Institute) – and Noura (the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps).


First in ranking


Mohammad Javad Dehqani, the president of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), presented an analytic report by the ISC COVID-19 Visualizer pertaining to October 23-November 21, saying in view of the ratio of its percentage of recoveries to that of infections (169.6 percent), Iran ranked first in the world in the period, showing that the former has overtaken the latter in the country, IRNA reported.

He added the ISC COVID-19 Visualizer figures indicate that the number of infected cases in the country has been reflecting a declining trend since late August, putting infections at 800,115; 367,360; and 232,849 during August 23-September 21, September 22-October 22 and October 23-November 21, respectively.

The ISC head noted that the number of those who have recovered from the disease in the country reached 394,929 during October 23-November 21, saying the ratio of the recoveries to the infections in this period stand at 169.6 percent.  

He added the total number of infections in the world during September 22-October 22 and October 23-November 21 amounted to 12,869,000 and 14,128,000, indicating a growing trend.

Dehqani said in addition, statistics show that Iran’s average daily growth of infections decreased from 0.52 percent in the period between August 23 and September 21, to 0.22 percent in the next 30 days and 0.14 percent the month after, reflecting a declining trend.

He noted that the decline has helped Iran climb two spots in the global ranking from the fourth place in the 30-day period to October 22 to the sixth in the next month among 13 countries including China, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, the U.S., France, Canada, Britain, Germany, Pakistan and Italy.

Since the outbreak, Iran has grappled with five waves of COVID-19 infections, one greater and deadlier than another.

Until a few weeks ago, the country was grappling with a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections, mainly sparked by the Delta variant, seeing record high daily deaths and cases of over 700 and 40,000, respectively. Although the fifth wave has subsided thanks to the increased pace of the public vaccination process, authorities constantly warn against the start of a new wave given the spread of the new strain of the coronavirus, known as Omicron, calling for full compliance with the health protocols.




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