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Published: 0158 GMT December 02, 2021

Nations to get nowhere without diligence, patience: Leader

Nations to get nowhere without diligence, patience: Leader

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Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei urged the Iranian people and authorities to listen to the message of the country’s martyrs, stressing no nation will achieve its goals “without diligence, struggling in the way of God, and enduring hardships."

The leader made the remarks in a recent meeting with a group of officials from the western province of Ilam in charge of conducting a commemoration ceremony in memory of the provincial martyrs, the leader’s official website reported on Thursday.

The meeting was held on November 21, 2021.

Urging the Iranian people and authorities to learn from the country’s martyrs, Ayatollah Khamenei said hearing the message of the martyrs, all of the Iranian people “should increase their unity” and the country’s officials “should feel more responsible” for the security provided through the selflessness of the Iranian martyrs.

“The Iranian nation should increase its unity, solidarity, motivation and efforts when it hears the martyrs’ message. This is the message of the martyrs to us. When hearing the message of the martyrs, the officials of the Islamic Republic should feel more responsible toward society and ensure security in the way the martyrs did,” said the Iranian leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei further said no nation will achieve its goals without persistence and enduring hardships.

“Everyone should feel responsible. And all of us should pay attention to this fact that no nation will get anywhere without diligence, and struggling in the way of God and enduring hardships. If there are any hardships, enduring those hardships will help the Iranian nation reach the summit [of victory, God willing,” the leader said.

He further stressed the need to remember sacrifices made by the country’s martyrs during the eight years of Saddam Hussein’s imposed war against Iran (1980-1988)

“On February 12, 1987, two young teams from Ilam played in a soccer match in commemoration of the 7th victory of the Revolution,” recalled the leader, adding, “The people had gathered there as well as spectators, but an Iraqi plane struck them from up close. In other words, it knew what was happening there. It is not the case that it dropped bombs by accident. It dropped them on purpose, and as a result, 10 of those soccer players were martyred. The referee, a number of children and some spectators were martyred as well. This is not a minor incident. This is a very important event.

“It is necessary for these events to be made known to people on a global level. They should be repeatedly mentioned here and there, because this is the message of the innocence of our athletic martyrs whose only crime was that they had organized a soccer match for the Islamic Republic.”

The leader further criticized those who supported “the malicious Saddam” to commit such “appalling, brazen crime”.

“The same people who used to support that bloodthirsty wolf on that day are claiming to be advocates of human rights today! They describe themselves as the guardians of human rights throughout the whole world. There is so much brazenness and shamelessness in the actions of these powers,” Ayatollah Khamenei said urging the Iranian artists and writers to reveal the truth to the whole world.

“Our artists and our writers have a heavy load on their shoulders. They have a heavy duty. These things should be presented to the world using art as the medium,” the leader stressed.

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