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Published: 1013 GMT December 04, 2021

Anti-vaxxer in Italy wore fake arm to avoid vaccination

Anti-vaxxer in Italy wore fake arm to avoid vaccination
Nurse Filippa Bua first saw a man attempting to avoid getting vaccinated by using a fake arm.

That’s what an anti-vaxxer in Italy hoped would happen when he used a silicone arm to avoid getting jabbed.

Spoiler alert – his attempt failed.

The 50-year-old man was armed with the fake arm at a clinic in Biella in the northern part of the country, wrote.

However, since medical staff at the clinic know what an actual arm feels and looks like, they caught on quickly when they saw the texture did not match a normal arm. The skin colour was realistic, though, so he gets an A for effort on that front.

Local media reported the man tried to convince the medic to jab his fake arm, even after they realized it was fake.

“A stage costume,” was how he defined it, according to nurse Filippa Bua, who first noticed the man.

“He arrived late in the morning,” Bua told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera “I reported to the doctor, and then we made a report to communicate it to the superiors.”

It is believed the man was trying to fool medical staff into giving him a Green Pass, which proves the holder has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested negative or recently recovered from the coronavirus.


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