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Published: 1219 GMT December 05, 2021

Azarbaijan Museum in Tabriz hosts extensive collection of Persian history

Azarbaijan Museum in Tabriz hosts extensive collection of Persian history

Known as the second most important history museum of Iran (after National Museum of Iran), Azarbaijan Museum in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, is a great place to see some of the significant objects that belong to the various historical periods of Iran.

You will be surprised to see unusual and interesting objects, along with the artworks and sculptures made by prominent artists. Let’s have a closer look at this treasury, reported.


About museum


Azarbaijan Museum hosts an extensive collection of Persian history from 1958. It consists of several parts such as three major halls, a lovely yard, office rooms, and a library that has more than 2,500 books about history, archaeology, art, and Persian culture. Some of these books are valuable as they are handwritten.




The second most important history museum of Iran has three major halls with an area of 800 square meters. Azarbaijan Museum has a special hall in the ground floor for ancient coins and seals that might be interesting for those who like collections.

In the first gallery, you will find a variety of objects that date back from more than 7,000 to 1,400 years ago. Potteries from Esmaeil Abad Hill are some of these 7000-year-old objects. A goddess sculpture, Rhytons, two skeletons (male and female that were buried in a ritual form) and a carved slab of marble known as Bism Allah Stone are other interesting items of this section.

Moving to the second gallery, you will see that this hall has two parts: Islamic archeology and coins and seals. There are objects that date back to the 10th to the 19th centuries. In coins and seals gallery, you can see how different rulers of Iran from Achaemenid Dynasty to the Qajar Dynasty, made the mintage of coins with their special shapes and patterns in all sizes.

In the last gallery, which is located in the basement, you can see interesting and creative sculptures made of plaster. These sculptures are about the sculptor’s presage about the destiny of humans at the end of the 20th century. You may be wondering how much of these speculations came true.

Even the yard of this precious museum has items to offer. In this part of the museum some stone figurines, statues, rams, and inscriptions are kept.




As you are in the heart of the beautiful Tabriz, you can take a tour around the museum and visit other tourist attractions such as Sa’at Tower and Arg of Tabriz. Also, it is a good idea to take time and enjoy the memorable and lively atmosphere of Bazaar of Tabriz. It is a great place to buy souvenirs.

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