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Published: 0234 GMT December 05, 2021

Air defense units fire missiles to test rapid reaction force over Natanz

Air defense units fire missiles to test rapid reaction force over Natanz
This file photo shows the Iranian Armed Forces’ homegrown air defense systems firing during a military exercise on October 13, 2021.

Following reports of a large explosion that was heard in the central city of Natanz, Iran’s air defense force said it fired missiles to test rapid reaction force.

Natanz air defense commander confirmed the report about the test-fire of the missiles in the sky above Natanz, where a nuclear site is located, but emphasized that there is nothing to worry about, according to Press TV.

The commander added that such exercises are carried out in a completely safe zone in full coordination with the integrated air defense network to assess the systems located in the area.

No damage was reported, according to initial investigations, the commander noted.

Meanwhile, an informed local source told IRNA that the blast in the desert area of Natanz city has nothing to do with nuclear facilities and caused no damage.

The unnamed source said the missile was fired in a safe zone 20 kilometers from Natanz to test air defense.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Saturday night incident is currently under investigation.

He emphasized that no aerial confrontation had occurred in the region.




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