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Published: 0423 GMT December 05, 2021

China warns US against imposing ‘own brand of democracy’ on others

China warns US against imposing ‘own brand of democracy’ on others

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China on Sunday urged the United States to stop trying to “impose its own brand of democracy” on other nations in a rebuke of America’s system of governance.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry released a report on its website titled, “The State of Democracy in the United States to expose the deficiencies and abuse of democracy” in the US, based on facts and expert opinions.

Carried by Xinhua, the report said that American democracy is in a “messy and chaotic” situation, “fraught with deep-seated problems”.

It warned that that US attempts to export its democracy will have “disastrous consequences”, as democracy takes different forms, and there is “no one-size-fits-all” model.

“It would be totally undemocratic to measure the diverse political systems in the world with a single yardstick or examine different political civilizations from a single perspective,” the report noted.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of seeking to “use its own values as means to divide the world into different camps”.

The US has always sought to “carry out intervention, subversion and invasion in other countries under the pretext of promoting democracy,” the report pointed out.

Beijing strongly advised that Washington instead “ensure its people’s democratic rights and improve its system of democracy”.

The ministry expressed hope that the US will improve its own system and practices of democracy and change its way of interacting with other countries.



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