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Published: 0933 GMT December 06, 2021

Woman finds bead that got stuck up her nose as a toddler 20 years later

Woman finds bead that got stuck up her nose as a toddler 20 years later
That's when Hannah found the bead.

A woman has told how she found a bead that got stuck up her nose as a toddler, 20 years later.

Hannah opened up about the experience on her TikTok account, in a video that has since been viewed almost ten million times, wrote.

In the clip, she recalled remembering a weird memory of sticking a bead up her nose when she was a child but always thought that the bead had come out at some point.

Until she developed a sinus infection and found the forgotten bead.

She said: “You know those memories you have from being really little like three to five years old that you don’t know if they’re real or there’s something you saw on a TV show or that your parents told you or something like that, so you’re not really sure if they’re real but you remember them.

"When I was three I remember sticking a bead up my nose and being like ‘it’s not coming out.'

"I didn’t tell anyone – I don’t know why – but I didn’t tell anyone that I stuck this bead up my nose and forgot about it."

Until a few weeks ago when she developed a sinus infection.

She said she felt like the right side of her nose was completely blocked from what she believed was from a "massive booger."

"It would not come out, it was super painful and it was bothering me," she said.

So she used an earwax camera to see what was going on up there, which was when she spotted the blue bead.

Hannah continued: "Well, I finally got it out. It was very painful, but a bead – a blue bead that has been in my nose for 20 years – just came out of my nose.

"Twenty years I've been living with a bead inside my nose, and I had no idea."

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 1.8 million likes and 24,000 comments.

One person said: “You cannot throw that bead away. Use it as something blue at your wedding. It’s an heirloom now.”

Another asked: “Does breathing feel different without the bead now?”

A third commented: “That bead has seen more of your life than you can remember.

Others shared stories of their own of random things they'd got stuck up their nose.

In a follow-up video, Hannah shared footage from the camera after viewers demanded to see the evidence.





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