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Published: 0259 GMT December 06, 2021

Qalibaf: Economic stability possible by promoting smart systems, transparency

Qalibaf: Economic stability possible by promoting smart systems, transparency
Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf addresses a meeting with Iranian university students in Tehran on December 6, 2021.

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Promoting the use of smart systems and transparency as well as increasing the people’s role can help resolve Iran’s economic problems through a five-year plan, said the Parliament speaker.

In an address to a meeting with university students in Tehran on Monday, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf added Iran’s economy has faced challenges due to the increased role of the government in the domestic financial system, IRNA reported.

Qalibaf noted that a bureaucratic system fails to bring success, saying the Iranian bureaucratic system has become a wild and restless horse, whose control is not in anybody’s hands.

“It is being controlled from within and not moving based on beliefs.”

He said bringing about a transformation in governance is among the most important challenges, saying a department has been created in the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) titled ‘governance and management’ to this end.

The Parliament speaker noted that university students had been invited to contribute to the department’s efforts to resolve the problems of the governance sector and improving the country’s management through adopting new methods.

Qalibaf said within the area of governance and management, certain goals can be pursued such as reforming the national budget’s structure, or rectifying the budget’s imbalance, eliminating poverty as well as promoting justice and transparency.

Elaborating on the promotion of smart systems and transparency, he noted that the county’s officials should know what issues or requests have been raised and made by different individuals.

In an address to a cabinet meeting, the Parliament speaker added that he had emphasized that an operational plan must be drawn up to enable the country’s people, officials and organizations to better understand their responsibilities.

Only through adopting such an approach and a common understanding, the country’s high-priority challenges can be resolved, he noted.

Expounding on addressing economic challenges, Qalibaf said it means that the government’s expenses should not exceed its income, and if that happens, the administration will inevitably resort to the people’s pockets to meet its expenditures, the outcome of which will be pressure on domestic banks and, consequently, increased liquidity in the market.




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