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Published: 0341 GMT December 22, 2021

Palestinian ambassador: All ways of struggle legal for Palestinians to stop segmentation of their land

Palestinian ambassador: All ways of struggle legal for Palestinians  to stop segmentation of their land
Palestine’s Ambassador to Tehran Salah al-Zawawi

Israel’s 73-year occupation of Palestine has displaced millions of Palestinians around the world. The regime’s crimes and atrocities against Palestinian people and the oppression of the main owners of the Palestinian lands accelerated their displacement. Palestine’s Ambassador to Tehran Salah al-Zawawi gave us detailed figures of displaced Palestinians around the world.

Iran Daily: How many Palestinians live in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and how many Palestinian refugees are living abroad?


Zawawi: The official figures on the status of Palestinians are as follows:

-        5,200,000 in the state of Palestine (two million in Gaza and three million in the West Bank)

-        1,600,000 inside the Zionist entity

-        50,000 in Egypt

-        12,000 in Iraq

-        3,000 in Lebanon

-        4,000 in Syria

-        6,138,000 in other countries of the world; the total number is 13,700,000 by the end of 2020.


To what extent have Palestinians been successful in delegitimizing Israeli encroachments in the eyes of the international community?

Every oppressed person has the right to use all means to achieve its rights and enlarge the front of its friends. We, as Palestinian people, are using political and diplomatic mechanisms to gain our deprived rights by all means. The number of our global friends are more than the friends of the enemy. 139 countries have recognized the Palestinian state, our flag has been raised on the buildings of the United Nations, and we are an observer state in the UN, which has helped us show the real face of our enemy.


In recent years, there has been a significant change in global power dynamics, most notably by the rising influence of China, Russia, and India, to the detriment of global US hegemony. Can this fact help Palestinians achieve their cause?


As I said before, we are using all means to enlarge and extend the front of our friends in the world including Russia, China and India, which have a clear stand in supporting the rights of our people, and many other international communities in Africa, Asia, South America and all around the world. But we have to maintain our national unity to totally benefit from the support of the others.


Amos Oz says, “Now such a clash between right claims can be revolved in one of two manners. There’s the Shakespeare tradition of resolving a tragedy with the stage hewed with dead bodies and justice of sorts prevails. But there is also the Chekhov tradition. In the conclusion of the tragedy by Chekhov, everyone is disappointed, disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, but alive.”

How do you envision the possible resolution for the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The Palestinian people in their struggle to achieve their deprived rights have used every means you can imagine. Sometimes we used the Shakespearian way and sometimes the Chekhovian way. Anyhow, the way we chose always depended on the benefits to our people.


Since the start of the negotiations (between Palestinians and Israelis), there has always been the problem of territorial contiguity. The maps clearly indicate segmentation of Palestinian lands with increasingly severed connection to Al-Quds. How could Palestinians resist further segmentation of their land?


We never stopped our struggle to gain our rights with the support of the international community and the United Nations. All ways of struggle are legal for us to stop the segmentation of our land.


A huge propaganda media machine, mainly controlled by the US, has always (and nearly successfully) tried to alter and falsify the truth of almost all incidents between Israelis and Palestinians. What strategies do the Palestinians have to get the facts to the collective mind of the public?


I think I have answered this question before. As I said, we are using all means of struggle to show the rightness of our cause and we have gathered a lot of friends and supporters in this regard all over the world.


How do you see the impact of efforts by former US president Donald Trump in normalizing relations between Arab states and Israel?


I think that normalization with this enemy is useless. We should have been given an independent state on May 5th, 1999, but nothing happened. On the contrary, they are only speaking about improving our life conditions. Regardless, we must remember that any normalization with this enemy is in contravention of the unanimous resolution of the Arab League.



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