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Published: 1157 GMT December 29, 2021

Daryan Village: Collection of natural and cultural charms

Daryan Village: Collection of natural and cultural charms

The beautiful Daryan Village (also spelled as Darian) in western Iranian province of Kermanshah greets you with a collection of natural and cultural charms.

As one of the oldest and most attractive villages in the ancient Hawraman (a mountainous region in western Iran), Daryan has always left its visitors with a bag of unforgettable memories in a pleasant nature, reported.

The abundance of springs in the village has given it the name of the 1,000-Spring Village. The waterfalls of the village make it an attractive tourist magnet.   


Name of ‘Daryan’


In Kurdish, Daryan means ‘filled with water.’ So, because this village has a lot of beautiful and swollen springs and water resources, they picked the name Daryan for it.

Daryan Village is located on the foot of Shaho Mountain, a piece of Zagros Mountains. The many springs and waterfalls found in the village make it one of the richest sources of water in the region.

The green fields, swollen springs, and crystalline waterfalls of this village have created a refreshing nature that touches your soul. Plus, many know Daryan by its super-delicious pomegranates and adorable Judas trees. A walk through the beautiful pomegranate orchards and the pink flowers of Judas trees will be one of the most pleasant experiences in the village.




In Daryan, you can find a range of local handicrafts. But the people of Daryan are the main artists who are involved in arghavan bafi (a kind of basket weaved with the branches of Judas trees) in Iran. From a long time ago, they have been making a living by using the branches of Judas trees to make beautiful and practical stuff. Among them, you can find lovely fruit baskets, bee hives, and rice steamer pots.


Things to do


You can enjoy doing many things in Daryan Village. Go horseback riding or hiking through the lovely orchards or enjoy mountaineering, fishing, or taking photos of the scenic landscapes.


Nearby attractions


The tourist attractions of this region are countless. One of them is Nowdeshah, a town surrounded by high mountains, deep valleys, oak trees, and clear springs.

Another is Hajij Village, a lovely terraced village that features Kurdish culture, Sirvan River and Daryan Dam. Noor Peak, one of Hawraman’s highest peaks, also presents trekkers with a great view of the region.


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