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Published: 0253 GMT January 02, 2022

‘Poetry Sans Frontiers’ series embraces common humanity through poems

‘Poetry Sans Frontiers’ series embraces common humanity through poems

The five-episode feature series, ‘Poetry Sans Frontiers,’ was broadcast on CGTN’s multi-language channels and various new media platforms, embracing diversity and common humanity through poetry.

“Bosom friends make distance disappear,” wrote Chinese poet Zhang Jiuling in Tang Dynasty (618-907). The series, launched in the six official languages of the United Nations, namely English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese aims to deliver the soothing power of poetry, promote the mutual learning of both Chinese and foreign cultures, create emotional resonance and bring together people from different countries, ethnic groups and cultures, reported

Each episode revolves around a thought-provoking theme: The pursuit of dreams, people’s yearnings for peace, the value of life, the relationship between man and nature, and what home means to people.

Sixteen guests from different walks of life, including diplomatic envoys in China, hosts of CGTN’s multi-language channels, influencers and musicians, were invited to share their life stories and some of the beautiful poems from around the world.

By acknowledging the diversity of human civilizations, the feature series also highlights the profound meaning of what the ancient Chinese historian Chen Shou wrote in the third century, “Delicious soup is made by combining different ingredients.”



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