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Published: 0250 GMT January 22, 2022

Curry caps Warriors return with a step-back jumper

Curry caps Warriors return with a step-back jumper

Golden State seemed to be in very real danger of falling further into its slump in the middle of the season on Friday night.

The Warriors were behind Houston, the worst team in the Western Conference, with up to 15 points in just 24 hours after losing to the Pacers, who lost to injury and were almost lotto-bound in overtime. They had fallen in six of their last nine games and slipped closer to third place between Memphis and Utah.

Until Stephen Curry wore the coat when they needed it most, reported.

The Warriors were seven behind with only four minutes left until their defense made a few stops that allowed them to equalize. Otto Porter Jr. free kick tied the game and the teams exchanged empty nets until Golden State had the ball with 5.1 seconds left. The people of the Bay Area stood, ready to witness his hero produce another moment that they could share with their descendants after many years.

The generous amount of time left allowed Curry to get the ball he needed to catch the ball, fake it, take three dribbles to the left and towards the basket before stepping back to create a sea of ​​space for the shot. An open 19-foot ripped nothing but a net. The shot itself was relatively easy, but the process of setting it up was deceptively simple. Practice creating space by dribbling directly against someone who is desperately trying to stop you and see how well you are doing.

The locals erupted in admiration as Curry jogged to the opposite corner of the pitch, as he was soon surrounded by his teammates. This was followed by a solemn mosh pit, in which no one jumped higher than the inactive Klay Thompson (rest). Curry finally parted ways with his dizzying dance routine and victory cry, clearly never too cool to let the joy of the moment wash over him.

Even without Thompson and Draymond Green (injured), it came as a surprise to see the Warriors almost stunningly out of Houston within a day after learning a difficult lesson from the Pacers. Curry’s defensive shot was far from his most difficult, though it was his first to come around the corner in his entire career. A victory over a lower team in January might be a bit off, but it will apply just as much in the winning column for Golden State. Two and a half Horror.

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