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Published: 0238 GMT January 26, 2022

Thousands march across Australia in protest at ‘Invasion Day’

Thousands march across Australia in protest at ‘Invasion Day’
Protesters display the Aboriginal flag and statements of Indigenous sovereignty during the ‘Invasion Day’ rallies in Australia.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets during ‘Invasion Day’ rallies across Australia in protest at Australia’s national holiday.

Crowds took to the streets of capital cities across Australia, asking for the date of Australia Day to be changed, reported.

Many First Nations people refer to January 26 as the ‘Day of Mourning,’ or ‘Survival Day,’ as it falls on the date the First Fleet arrived in Australia.

Protests erupted in Sydney, with hundreds gathered to show their support for Indigenous Australians, some brandishing signs with the words “Change the date”.

However, protests in Melbourne were cancelled due to COVID-19.

It’s the first time in 15 years that the event has been cancelled.

Large crowds also marched in Canberra down Commonwealth Avenue.

January 26 marks the day when Captain Arthur Phillip raised the British flag at Sydney Cove and proclaimed British sovereignty, in 1788.

The move led to the dispossession of Indigenous peoples from the land they had inhabited for thousands of years up to the arrival of the First Fleet.





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