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Published: 0302 GMT February 06, 2022

US assessment of possible Ukraine invasion 'scaremongering': Russia

US assessment of possible Ukraine invasion 'scaremongering': Russia

Russia rejected a US assessment of a possible invasion of Ukraine as "scaremongering," as Washington moved to bolster NATO forces in the region.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, Russia's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, reacted to a headline of a report in The Washington Post citing a US military and intelligence assessment on Saturday that said, "Russia could seize Kiev in days and cause 50,000 civilian deaths in Ukraine."

Polyanskiy called the headline "madness and scaremongering," The Hill reported on Sunday.

"Madness and scaremongering continues… what if we would say that US could seize London in a week and cause 300K civilian deaths? All this based on our intelligence sources that we won't disclose. Would it feel right for Americans and Britts? It's as wrong for Russians and Ukrainians," Polyanskiy wrote on Twitter.

The comments come as the US and its allies accuse the Kremlin of planning an incursion against Ukraine. Moscow, however, has denied having any such plans.

The US announced on Wednesday that it would deploy and reposition more than 3,000 American troops to strengthen Eastern European allies, the first such move to bolster NATO in the region.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby then claimed on Thursday that officials believe Russia may plan to create a pretext to invade Ukraine by producing a propaganda video that illustrates aggression toward Russians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday accused the US and its allies of deliberately designing a scenario to lure Moscow into a war over Ukraine.







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