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Published: 0305 GMT February 09, 2022

Iran raps US lack of ‘coherence’ for JCPOA revival

Iran raps US lack of ‘coherence’ for JCPOA revival

Iranian FM calls for realistic approach to seal ‘good’ deal

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Iran on Wednesday blasted the United States for lacking “coherence” to make “political decisions” for the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Voices from the US government show that there is no coherence in the country to make political decisions in the direction of advancement in the Vienna talks,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani tweeted, a day after Iran and the remaining parties to the troubled deal resumed negotiations in the Austrian capital.

Diplomats from Iran, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia recommenced the discussions from where they left off at the end of last month when they returned to their capitals to get further instructions for “political decisions”.

They have been in talks since April last year in an effort to resurrect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) almost four years after the US unilaterally walked out of the deal and reinstated and reinforced sanctions on Iran, sending the accord into disarray.

A source close to the Iranian negotiating team told Tasnim News Agency that Iran had made its political decision.

"The main obstacle is the lack of political decision-making by the United States. Washington should be concerned about missing the opportunity,” the source said.

The US has been attending the talks indirectly.

Iran demands the removal of all American sanctions and firm guarantees that the US would not abandon the JCPOA again as it did under former president Donald Trump.

As the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden seeks to bring the US back to compliance with the JCPOA, dozens of Republican Senators vow to block the move, underscoring partisan divisions in the United States and that how it threatens the deal’s viability.

Shamkhani stressed that the fate of the JCPOA should not be subject to US partisan quarrels.

“The US administration cannot pay for its internal disputes by violating Iran's legal rights,” he said in his tweet.

In a letter to Biden on Monday, over 30 Republican senators suggested that the administration was required to submit to Congress agreements reached with Iran over the JCPOA revival.

The letter went on to raise the possibility that submission of documents related to a deal with Iran would trigger a congressional review and "includes the possibility of Congress blocking implementation of the agreement.”

They warned that the “implementation of any agreement will be severely if not terminally hampered” if the Biden administration does not fulfill a range of obligations in relation to congressional oversight over any agreement.

Any deal that does not have Senate approval, they continued, would be “subject to being reversed” as soon as there is a new president.


Western ‘realism’

Following the resumption of the Vienna talks, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian reiterated Iran’s readiness to reach a good deal, calling on the Western side to adopt a realistic approach.

“The Islamic Republic is resolutely seeking a good agreement within the framework of its interests and rights,” Amir-Abdollahian told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov over the phone.

“Iran stands ready to reach such an agreement as soon as possible, but without the Western side’s realism and its tangible and real measures, no swift progress will be achieved in the negotiations,” he added, according to Press TV.

An effective removal of sanctions is very important, he said, stressing that Iran will continue its consultations and contacts with Russia and other parties.

Lavrov underlined the importance of reviving the JCPOA and removing the sanctions.

All parties to the JCPOA, and in the first place the United States, must return to their commitments, he said, noting that Moscow has always stressed the need to stop destructive measures against the accord and understands Tehran's concerns.

Britain’s chief negotiator to the Vienna talks Stephanie Al-Qaq said in a tweet that the Vienna talks on the JCPOA revival reached "final stages.”

“We are now in the final stages. A diplomatic solution is possible but will require us to reach decisions swiftly," she tweeted.






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