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Published: 0321 GMT February 13, 2022

Russia decries US ‘hysteria’ over Ukraine after Putin-Biden call

Russia decries US ‘hysteria’ over Ukraine after Putin-Biden call

The Kremlin on Sunday denounced US “hysteria” surrounding the Ukraine crisis but said Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden agreed to continue dialogue.

Speaking after new phone talks between Putin and Biden on Saturday, the Kremlins top foreign policy advisor Yury Ushakov said: Hysteria has reached its peak,” AFP reported

The two leaders spoke after Washington claimed that an all-out Russian invasion of Ukraine could begin any day.”

Ushakov complained about the US claims, saying that Americans even released the date of the Russian invasion.”

We dont understand why false information about our intentions is being passed to the media,” he told reporters.

The official said that Putin once again criticized that the West had been arming Ukraine and that Kiev authorities had been sabotaging” Western-brokered peace agreements to end a years-long conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Ushakov called the one-hour phone talks between the two leaders balanced and business-like.”

During the call, Biden told Putin that the West would respond decisively to any invasion of Ukraine, adding such a step would produce widespread suffering and isolate Moscow, Reuters wrote.

Moscow, which has repeatedly denied it plans to invade and said it is responding to aggression by NATO allies.  

The Kremlin said Putin told Biden that Washington had failed to take Russia's main concerns into account and it had received no "substantial answer" on key elements of its security demands.

Washington ordered most of its embassy staff on Saturday to leave Ukraine immediately due to the alleged threat of an invasion.

 Russia said it was also starting to pull some embassy staff out of Ukraine, citing fears of "possible provocations from the Kiev regime" or other parties.

Many of Washington's European allies and other countries have also been scaling back or evacuating staff from their Kiev missions and have urged citizens to leave or avoid travel to Ukraine.

US staff at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) began leaving by car from the city of Donetsk in east Ukraine on Sunday

Australia said on Sunday it was evacuating its embassy in Kiev and Prime Minister Scott Morrison called on China to not remain silent on the situation in Ukraine.

President Xi Jinping hosted Putin at the opening day of the Winter Olympics this month and the two declared a "no limits" partnership, backing each other over standoffs on Ukraine and Taiwan with a promise to collaborate more against the West.

Russia is seeking security guarantees from the United States and NATO that include blocking Ukraine's entry into NATO; refraining from missile deployments near Russia's borders; and scaling back NATO's military infrastructure in Europe to 1997 levels.




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